Client Settings - Overview

Learn about the settings that control the behavior of clients

Updated on February 21st, 2024

The table below provides an overview of the site admin settings that control the behavior of client cards.

Click the blue links on the left to access full instructions for each setting.

Custom Fields Set up extra fields for recording additional information on the client card.
Transaction Terms Set up transaction terms for your business.
Default Markups Set up business unit and client-specific markups for material costs.
Default Client Business Unit Links

If you have multiple business units, this option lets you select which business units new clients should be accessible from.

You can alter this setting on individual client cards, e.g. switch business units off or on.


Company/Reference Name for Individuals

Select the appropriate naming format for individuals (this should match the naming format used by your accounts package).

For example: Jones Mary or Jones, Mary or Mary Jones.

Account Package Defaults

The table below are suggestions based on known defaults. We recommend you check your accounting package to confirm the naming format.

Accounting Package Format
Xero Firstname Surname.
MYOB Surname, Firstname.
Quickbooks Surname Firstname OR Firstname Surname (depending on your Quickbooks Online settings).
Set New Clients to "Individual" by default

Set the 'Individual' checkbox to be ticked by default when creating a client.

Ideal if your clients are usually individuals, rather than companies


If 'Not Set', AroFlo will use what has been set in the top level Business Unit.

If 'Not Set' in the top level Business Unit, the 'Individual' checkbox will not be ticked when creating a client.

Allow Account Managers on Clients Check this box to allow account managers to be added to client cards.
Default Client Note Restrictions Set the defaults for who has access to client notes.