Barcode Scanning - overview

Learn how to turn your device into a barcode scanner with AroFlo Field

Updated on February 5th, 2024

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AroFlo Field features barcode scanning on assets and inventory items. Using barcode scanning, you can quickly:

  • add new assets to a business unit, client, or task
  • find a specific asset in the task assets list
  • check the service history of an asset
  • add materials to a quote, task, purchase order, or invoice.

You can have multiple barcodes for each inventory item or asset if needed. For example, an item may have the manufacturer's barcode, your supplier's barcode, and your own barcode. You can enter all three into AroFlo so that no matter which one you scan, you'll get the right item.

For information on how to create your own barcodes, see Generate Scannable Barcodes.



What you will need

There are three ways to scan assets or inventory in the field. For all three methods, you will need an iPhone, iPad, or Android device for scanning in the field. Using an external scanner, you can also scan barcode data directly into AroFlo Office.

Web browser

Description Benefits Supported barcode types

Use your web browser's barcode scanning capabilities to turn your device's camera into a barcode scanner. Look for the (scan barcode) icon in the Asset or Inventory (Materials) card.

This method works with:

  • all desktop browsers with internal or external webcams
  • most Android versions - Chrome and Samsung Internet
  • iOS 11 and above (Safari only).

Older devices may not support this function.

  • No downloads or external equipment needed
  • Always on hand, as it's built into AroFlo
  • Can be used with AroFlo's custom fields (using field type 'Barcode')
  • Multiple supported barcode types (see next column).

Code 128, EAN, EAN 8, Code 39, Code 39 VIN, CODEBAR, UPC, UPC_E, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Standard 2 of 5, Code 93, QR Codes

To change the barcode type, tap the (menu) icon in the top right and select the type(s) you need.


External barcode scanner

Description Benefits Supported barcode types
Pair your device with an external scanner (either USB or wireless/Bluetooth) to quickly and accurately populate any field in AroFlo.
  • More accurate in all weather / light conditions
  • Best option for reading the barcode types it's designed for
  • Can be used with any field in AroFlo (including custom fields) as the scan is essentially keyboard input
  • May be better for battery life as it does not use your device's camera and processor to read the barcode
  • Ideal for use in confined or awkward spaces.
Refer to device specifications.

pic2shop third-party app

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Description Benefits Supported barcode types

Download pic2shop to turn your device into a barcode scanner. You can use the free version or the premium (PRO) version.

To use pic2shop or pic2shop PRO:

  1. From your device, click the image to download pic2shop:
  2. Ask your Site Administrator to enable the app for AroFlo via Site Administration > Settings > Add Ons > Scan Barcode App. Select the appropriate version of the app and Save.
Suitable for older devices that may not support other methods.

pic2shop FREE:

UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, QR Codes

pic2shop PRO:

UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Standard 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Codabar (aka USD-4, NW-7), QR Codes