Track Tasks with Priority Response Times

Learn how to set up response time tracking to manage KPIs

Updated on May 16th, 2024

This feature allows you to track tasks that have a required response time (or KPI) to ensure that you meet on-time targets and that jobs are receiving the correct level of attention.

  • Easy tracking of active and overdue tasks via a tracking window located at the bottom of your AroFlo site.
  • Clear visibility of time left to complete priority tasks.

  1. Set up priorities and response times
  2. Enable task tracking with priority response times
  3. Set the task priority on the checklist
  4. In Office, enable task tracking on the client card.
  5. Log out and back in again to start using the Priority Tasks window.


Set up priorities and response times

Priorities and response times must be set up at the business unit level and against individual client cards.

To add a new priority at the business unit level:

  1. Go to Site Admin and select your business unit.
  2. Click Settings and search for Priorities.
  3. Click Add Priority.
  4. Enter a Priority No and a Description.
  5. Use the colour picker to choose a Schedule Color (optional).
  6. Set a Response Time for each priority in either Minutes, Hours, Days or Weeks.
  7. Save.
A screenshot of the priority settings screen in site administration


Enable track tasks with priority response times


Once you have set up the response times, you need to enable this feature for the Business Unit.

  1. In Site Admin, go to Settings Tasks.
  2. Check the Track Tasks With Priority Response Times box.
  3. Save.


Set task priority on the checklist

Response times are monitored based on the date/time the task was entered and the selected priority/response time. A task is removed from the tracking window when the Task Priority (KPI) checklist item is checked off on the task. The KPI could be arrival time on site, or task completion time, or something else that makes sense for your business.

To enable this feature on a checklist for the purpose of ending the tracking of tasks: 

  1. In Site Admin, go to Settings > Tasks.
  2. Select Checklists.
  3. Select the required checklist.
  4. Select Task Priority (KPI) against the item/s you require. For example:  
    • Use 'Arrived on Site' if your KPI is based upon arrival on the job.
    • Use 'Task Completed' if your KPI is based on work completed.
  5. Save.


Enable track tasks on the client card

Now you can specify which client(s) you want to display tasks for within the tracking window in Office.

  1. In Office mode, go to Accounts Clients.
  2. Search or select the client from the list.
  3. Scroll down and select Client Settings and Defaults.
  4. Select Track Tasks With Set Priority.
  5. Save.
  6. Log out of AroFlo and log back in again to start using the Priority Tasks tracking window.