Modify Elements on a Layout

Learn how to use the Properties panel to modify elements on a layout

Updated on November 8th, 2023

Each element on the layout has a Properties box which allows you to modify its settings or delete it from the layout.

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Settings Description

Lock Element


Controls the location of the element on the layout. Enable this feature for static elements such as text labels (that you might use to define columns of data within a table) to ensure they remain locked in position when the layout is generated.


Disable this feature on elements that come after a data field or table which displays multiple lines of information to allow other elements to automatically adjust for the extra lines being forced into the layout.

The Lock Element feature is enabled by default when a new element is added to a layout. Disable to correct the positioning of elements or overlapping text.


Width / Height / Auto


Controls the width and height of the element. The Auto checkbox allows the system to set these values automatically.

Data elements pull information from other areas of the system which can make it a little trickier when placing in the correct position. The customised view will show the data element name, however when the layout is previewed it will display the relevant piece of information.

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Border Width / Style / Colour


Add a border to an element by selecting a border style, enter a border width: 

(0 = none, 1 = hairline, 2 = regular etc.) and choose a colour (default = black).

Font Type / Size / Colour / Bold


Modify the font type:

(default = Verdana) / Size: 
(default = 12) / Colour: 
(default = black) or Bold the text.

Text Align


Align the text to the left, centre, right or justify.

When attempting to centre or right align, always make sure that you've set the width of the element. It is not possible to correctly align an element while the width is set to auto.


Background Colour


Controls the colour of the element background.




Controls which elements appear in front of other elements. This is useful for placing text labels in front of boxes or over images in your layout.




Deletes the selected element. Ensure you've selected the right element before you delete it.


Having trouble resizing your logo?
Click on the logo image to bring up the Properties: Image box and set a specific Width and Height for the image. You can set one of these values to the size you want and click the Auto checkbox on the other value to automatically adjust to maintain the original aspect ratio of the image.