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AroFlo preferred SMS providers

AroFlo customers signing up via the Site Admin link will get special pricing from our preferred SMS providers:

Pre-paid SMS service provider.
Approx 5-6c per SMS.

Post-paid SMS service provider.
A bill is sent each month based on usage, approx 7c per SMS.

Other SMS providers

Check pricing and plans to determine which is the most appropriate for your company.

Pre-paid SMS service provider.

Post-paid SMS service provider.
International SMS support.

Pre-paid and post-paid SMS service provider.

Default From Value:

If you would like to use your own mobile number to be displayed as the From number, and to receive replies, change the Default From Value: to Custom and then enter your mobile number in the field.

If you have purchased a Virtual Private Number from your SMS provider, you can enter this number in the same way. For more information, see SMS Messaging.

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