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SMS providers allow you to send SMS messages directly from AroFlo.

Did you know that SMS has a response rate 8x higher than email? Due to its unparalleled reach, cut-through and immediacy, SMS can help your business reduce administration costs, save time and increase engagement.

Use this feature to quickly SMS clients or technicians from the field. You can also set up automated Event messages.

Event messages are not available in AroFlo Go.

Skip to set up instructions.

AroFlo preferred SMS providers

AroFlo customers signing up via the Site Admin link will get special pricing from our preferred SMS providers:

Pre-paid SMS service provider.

Post-paid SMS service provider.
A bill is sent each month based on usage.
(Please note: to use MessageMedia with AroFlo, you must use the signup link  within Site Admin.)

Other SMS providers

Check pricing and plans to determine which is the most appropriate for your company.

See our SMS Messaging page for some provider-specific information.

Pre-paid SMS service provider.

Post-paid SMS service provider.
International SMS support.

Pre-paid and post-paid SMS service provider.

Setting up an SMS Provider

  1. Under the SMS Service Provider section, click View / Select Providers
  2. Select a provider from the list of available SMS providers (as above)
  3. If you haven't already signed up with that SMS provider, click the sign up button which will direct you to that specific provider's sign up portal


    To use MessageMedia, you must click the sign up option  via AroFlo.

  4. Enter in your Username and Password into the SMS Service Provider Settings section. Refer to the table below for more information.
  5. Click Save SMS Settings.

SMS Service Provider Settings

ProviderRequired configuration settings



Username: API Username

Password: API Password

API key required

To use SMS Broadcast, you will need to create an API Key. Log in to your SMS Broadcast account and go to Configuration > API Settings. You can then enter the credentials from this page into the AroFlo Username and Password fields.







Additional options

Default From Value

The sender of the SMS. Choose from:

  • Company Name
  • Current Business Unit Name
  • Current User
  • Custom
  • If you would like your own mobile number to be displayed as the From number, and to receive replies, change the Default From Value to Custom and then enter your mobile number in the field.
  • If you have purchased a Virtual Private Number from your SMS provider, you can enter this number in the same way. For more information, see SMS Messaging.
Verify Settings and Check Account BalanceConnects to the provider and displays a balance on-screen.
View SMS History

View a history of sent SMSes.

See SMS Messaging for more information.

See our SMS Messaging page for some provider-specific information.

Where is SMS messaging used?

Here are the main places SMS messaging is used:

Read more about Event Messages.

This applies to both AroFlo Office and Field

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Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.