Generate Scannable Barcodes

Export your inventory or asset lists from AroFlo and generate scannable barcodes in Microsoft Excel

Updated on December 4th, 2023

A question our Customer Service staff regularly hear is ‘Can we print off barcode images?’

While AroFlo cannot generate barcodes at this time, you can export your inventory or asset lists from AroFlo and generate scannable barcodes in Microsoft Excel. This is a no-cost, straightforward solution, using tools you likely already have.

  • Print off barcode / shelf labels for your inventory items or assets
  • Print the worksheet so you can easily scan items when needed
  • Pick the right parts when ordering stock for a custom holder
  • Print off a list of all asset barcodes

Let's look at how it's done.


Install the Code 39 format

Install the free font, Free 3 of 9 Extended Regular (TrueType). This is the Code 39 format, which is one of the world's most common barcode formats. It supports numbers and letters.

  1. Click here to download the font file.
  2. Either double-click the font file icon, or go to your Downloads folder and double-click the file name (fre3of9x.ttf)
  3. Click Install.


Run a report

  1. Run an Inventory or Asset report and add the Barcode field to it. See Reporting for instructions.
  2. Export your report to Excel:


Create your barcodes

If your barcodes are in column B, create a new formula in column C:



The formula appends and prepends an asterisk to each barcode number, as can be seen in the screenshot. This is so the font can properly form the barcode image.

  1. Copy the formula down to all your rows in column C (click the tiny green square in the bottom-right of the cell and drag down).
  2. Select all the results in the column and copy.
  3. Paste the results into column D (values only - see image).

Change the font of column D to the barcode font.


Scan a few barcodes to test them, then print as necessary.