An asset is a piece of equipment or a component for which you may want to build up a service history, track movement using GPS, and store warranty information or user manuals.

Barcode Scanning

AroFlo Field features barcode scanning on assets and inventory items so you can easily identify them.


Store all your client contact information, payment details, and your history with that client.


Easily access your various safety forms in your AroFlo site and store them against tasks

Documents and Photos

AroFlo's documents and photos functionality makes it easy for users to upload, download, search, view and email documents or photos within Office and Field.


Raise task invoices on the go using AroFlo Field.

Log In

Log in instructions for AroFlo Field

Main Menu and header

A guide of the AroFlo Field main menu and header


Notes are featured throughout AroFlo Office and Field and are used for reference and communication purposes.


View your Projects in AroFlo Field and track their progress

Purchase Orders

Raise a purchase order on the go, or take advantage of our supplier invoice import feature.


Use AroFlo Field's quote builder to create simple quotes


View your scheduled events (tasks, overheads, ad-hoc events) in either a Timeline, Calendar, or Map format.


Suppliers provide goods or services to your business. A supplier can be either a Wholesaler or a Contractor.


The task sheet is the main place where Field users go to access and record information about a job.


The Timesheet section of AroFlo Field is used for recording non-productive time (such as overheads) or managing user timesheets.

Capture Signature

Learn how to ditch the pen and capture signatures straight on a task in AroFlo Field


Learn how to keep track of the major stages of a task with checklists in AroFlo Field


Learn about managing Contractors in AroFlo Field

Emailing and Printing

Learn how to email and print jobsheets, invoices, purchase orders and more from AroFlo Field


Learn about managing locations in AroFlo Field


Learn how AroFlo's Offline mode works for recording job related information out of service


Learn how to take payments from your clients on the go in AroFlo Field

Users List

Learn how to get quick access to users' details on the go in AroFlo Field


FAQs for technical issues experienced in AroFlo Field