Schedule of Rates (SOR) materials are used in flat-rate or price-book pricing situations. Often the sell price of the SOR item includes all labour and materials used for the entire job.

For accurate profit and loss reporting, AroFlo maintains the actual labour and materials booked on the job whilst providing the ability to invoice customers only the price of the SOR item(s).

When a task is completed and invoiced, AroFlo checks the Task Worksheet for any SOR items. 

If SOR items are found, you will be given the option to either Add SOR items booked out on jobsheet or Add items booked on jobsheet (or Add from Quote Pick List for quoted jobs).

  1. Click Add SOR items booked out on jobsheet to add only the SOR items (no additional labour or materials) from the Task Worksheet to the Invoice.
  2. Edit the invoice details if required and Save. The invoice is ready to be printed or emailed to your client.
  3. Click Finalise & Close to move the invoice into the Pending Invoices section, archive the linked task and return to the Completed Task List page.

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