Great news for those who use custom reports!

You can now sort your custom reports list either alphabetically, using the Report Name column, or by creation date, using our new Date Created column. 

Just click the down arrow beside your preferred option. 

Sort Custom Reports

Team AroFlo

You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

We've added a permission group setting for locking schedules.

Schedules can now be locked by a user in the Management or Supervisor permission group. Any other user can only view the lock status.

For custom permission groups, Site Administrators can control the ability to lock schedules via:

Permission Groups > Scheduling > Fields > Group Lock > Edit (set to ticked)


Team AroFlo

When creating addresses, you can now select New Zealand cities and towns from the State field's drop-down list.

This will make it easier and faster to enter complete, accurate addresses for clients, suppliers, users, locations and business units.


Team AroFlo

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Field: Quotes list and search

We've made a couple of changes to quotes in AroFlo Field, to make it more consistent with Office.

The quotes list now displays the requested date and the due date for each quote:

In addition, when searching for quotes in an Approved status, you'll now have a date range selector which you can use instead of typing in keywords to search.

Learn more about Quotes.

Office: Current Task List

Do you regularly filter your tasks in ServiceTrack > Current to find the info you need? Guess what? You can now bookmark these filters for an easier way to find the info you need!

Simply use a filter, for example, tasks that are assigned to you, and bookmark this page using your web browser. This will save you from filtering the list each time you use it. Simply open up your bookmarked link.

Learn more about the Current Tasks list.

Report Fields and Filters

User reports

We've added a 'Timesheet Task Client Name' filter, so you can see which clients you've been doing work for.

Periodics reports

There are two new fields available in Periodics reports, to let you see who archived a periodic task template and when:

  • Archived_by
  • Archived_Date.

Learn more about Reports.

Field: Periodic Task Templates

We've updated the way you access periodic task templates in Field. Just go to the bottom of any task list and click Periodic Task Templates.

Learn more about periodic tasks in Field.

Field Updates: Schedule Timeline

Have even more visibility over your calendar events with our update to the schedule timeline view.

Tap the new date range filter to specify how many days you'd like to display information for.

Select between: 

  • 1 day (default)
  • Next 3 days
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days

After making a selection, simply scroll down the list to access more days.

AroFlo will remember your selection, even after you've logged out.

Updated Project List

Note that the Schedule is only available if you're using our fresh new look of AroFlo Field. Still using the old look? Look for the option in the main menu to switch to the new. We think you'll like it.

Team AroFlo

Field: Project List

Field Updates: Project List

We've given the Project List in AroFlo Field an update.

The updated Project List features:

  • a filter to switch between open, closed and all projects
  • a keyword search option
  • a new overview option to view tasks and stages attached to the project.

Updated Project List

If you're not using our fresh new-look AroFlo Field, why not give it a go today? Look for the option in the main menu.

Team AroFlo

Assets: Add Asset Types
You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

You can now assign asset types to your assets, so you can decide which custom fields appear on which assets. 

Need to record a certain piece of info for one asset type and not for another? Easy. Just create your asset type, link it to the relevant custom field, and apply it to your asset. Clean, organised asset cards with only the info you need.

Create multiple asset types

We'll be running an Asset Types webinar next Wednesday, 25 March. Register here.

Team AroFlo

Field: Quotes

Field: Updates to Quotes

We recently updated the quotes list in AroFlo Field, for those using our new look.

We've now gone the next step and updated the quote worksheet.

The quote worksheet uses the same tabbed layout as used on the Task worksheet. It also uses the same method as tasks for viewing and changing the status of the quote

Quotes worksheet

If you're not using our fresh new look to AroFlo Field, why not give it a go today? Look for the button in the main menu to try it out.

Team AroFlo

New/old view switcher in AroFlo Field

Whether you're using the old or new view of AroFlo Field, the toggle to switch between the two now appears in the main menu. This makes the switch more consistent across the two views.

Switch views

If you're using our old view, tap All Pages to New View to switch to our brand new look.

Or if you're already using our new view, this button will return the look and feel of AroFlo Field to the old look, before we started our updates.

Certain pages in the new look will have an additional Current Page to New View toggle. This will revert only the page you're working on to the old view, but not the rest of AroFlo Field.

Current page switch

Note that these options are temporary and will be removed once we have completed our redesign of our Field interface.

Team AroFlo

We're excited to announce the arrival of our updated Office calendar!

It's packed with a bunch of new features to make your scheduling even more flexible:

Save calendar views

Save multiple calendar views and switch between them with a single click.

Save multiple calendar views

Learn more about this feature

Additional filters

Filter by client, location, task type, assets, and more.

Filter as you need to

Learn more about this feature

All-day events

Show all-day events from external calendars, e.g. industry RDOs, your local public holidays, even your team's game dates.

Show All-Day Events

Learn more about this feature

Shaded out of work hours

See your work day at a glance, as hours outside your set working hours are shaded.

Non-work hours are shaded

Learn more about this feature

All your favourite settings are still there, so you can set up your calendar views just as you want them.

Just click New Calendar to put the new features through their paces. The Learn more button below will take you to our updated Help documentation. We'll keep the old calendar available for a time; just click Old Calendar to go back to it.


We've scheduled a webinar for 11:30pm (AEDT) Wednesday, 18 March, to guide you through all aspects of the new calendar. Register here.

Team AroFlo

Update to Timeline and Calendar schedule views

Our improvements to the look of the timeline and calendar views in AroFlo Field make it even easier to see what you've got on at a glance:

  • Consistent icons for event types on both the timeline and calendar views
  • Task Type and Substatus labels are now coloured according to the colours set in site admin
  • The row for an event in the calendar view is now coloured the same colour as that of the event type.

Timeline and Calendar updates

If you're not using our fresh new look to AroFlo Field, why not give it a go today? Look for the button in the main menu to try it out.

Team AroFlo

AroFlo now includes Xero timesheet integration so you can send timesheets straight to Xero.

  • Reduce manual entry during pay runs. Send verified timesheets from AroFlo to Xero.
  • Send overhead hours (like personal leave, annual leave and RDOs).
  • Send productive hours for those paid by the hour (like contractors and casuals).

Learn more below.

Sync Timesheets with Xero

Team AroFlo

If you use barcodes for managing assets and inventory, you'll love what you can now do with them in AroFlo Field.

Use Web Browser Scanning

This option combines your device's camera with your web browser's scanning capabilities to turn your device into a barcode scanner. No software downloads to worry about, and just a single click to capture a barcode. Just look for the Scan Barcode icon.

Scan Barcode Icon

Add a 'Barcode' Custom Field

You can now use the 'barcode' field type when setting up custom fields on your assets and tasks. This means you can record multiple barcodes against a single asset or task.

Good to know...

For easy and accurate scanning in hard-to-reach or poorly lit areas, or to protect your device from the elements, you can use an external barcode scanner (USB or wireless/Bluetooth) to populate any field in AroFlo.


We've scheduled a webinar for 1:30pm (AEDT) Wednesday, 11 March, to show you through the new barcode scanning features. Register here.

Team AroFlo

AroPoint GPS history > Show when an object was last active.

For those of you using our GPS Tracking tool, AroPoint GPS, you might have noticed our handy new feature to quickly check when an object in AroPoint was last active.

You'll find the Show History: Last Active option within the Shortcuts menu of any object in AroPoint GPS.

This will save you a lot of time searching through the history and selecting relevant timeframes.

Object Last Active

Team AroFlo

Multi-Search > This Quote option for detailed quotes.

We've introduced a feature to allow you to duplicate items and/or takeoff sheets from the quote you're working on.

This is helpful for situations where you want to use the same set of items for each takeoff but make small changes for some, e.g. changing quantities or adding/removing a couple of items.

Using this option, you can also duplicate the entire quote including the takeoffs.

This Quote option

Team AroFlo