Monday, 27 January, is a public holiday in Australia and parts of New Zealand. 

No training sessions will be scheduled for that day, and most staff will have the day off. For business-critical issues, please call your local support number.

Team AroFlo

Welcome to our first Nuts & Bolts update for 2020!

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Purchase Order and Backorder Prefix

Purchase orders and backorders now have a prefix of PO (for Purchase Orders) and BO (for Backorders) before their order number whenever they are displayed in a list.

This makes it easier to identify which ones are original purchase orders and which are back orders.

The prefixes can be seen in ServiceTrack > Purchase Orders as well as when viewing purchase orders on a task.

Learn more about Purchase Orders and Back Orders.

Quote Layouts: Site Email field

We've added a new field for quote custom layouts. If your location for the quote includes a site email address, you can choose to display this on the quote layout and it will display as an email link.

Learn more about Layouts.

Purchase Order Layouts: Notes table

Still on layouts, we've added a new Notes table for Purchase Order custom layouts. This table will display notes saved using the 'Show Contractor' or 'Show All' note filters.

Learn more about Notes and Layouts.

Field: Users List Update

Handy one-click users list

If you're using our updated Field interface, you'll notice that we've given the users list the same fresh look we're applying right across Field. Phone, text and email icons make it faster and easier than ever to contact users with just a click.

Team AroFlo

Need a unique periodic frequency that's not in the list?

You can now add custom frequencies for use on your periodic task templates, invoices and compliance items, giving you more flexibility than ever.

Team AroFlo

Default client for tasks
You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

We've introduced a handy new feature which is very useful for reminding you to select a client when creating a task. With the default task client, select 'None' to make this field blank, therefore prompting you to select a client for new tasks.

Find this new setting in Site Administration > Settings > Tasks.

Default Task Client

Team AroFlo

We need to increase the capacity of our infrastructure so that AroFlo continues to deliver a fast and reliable service. So, we'll be doing some server maintenance over the holiday period. To minimise disruption, the work will be done progressively.

Here's the plan

On Monday, 23 December, between 9pm and midnight (AEDT), clients who are logged in and using AroFlo may experience service disruptions of up to 5 minutes' duration.

On one of the following dates, clients who are logged in and using AroFlo may experience service disruptions of up to 1 minute's duration:

  • Friday, 27 December
  • Monday, 30 December
  • Tuesday, 31 December
  • Thursday, 2 January
  • Friday, 3 January.

If you need help

If you're working in AroFlo between 27 December and 3 January and you do experience a disruption, just wait 5 minutes and repeat the action you were taking when the disruption occurred. If you still have trouble after that, or if you have any concerns about this work, please contact our Customer Service team.

Thanks for your patience

We appreciate your on-going support of AroFlo and we apologise for any inconvenience that this work may cause.

Kind regards

Team AroFlo

Field: Update Messages

Update Messages now available in AroFlo Field

You'll never miss any important updates now that we've made AroFlo Update Messages available in the field!

This works exactly as it does in Office. A counter on the Help Icon Help icon will tell you how many unread messages are available. Click the Help Icon and then click Update Messages.

Tap the name of the update message to open it. This will also mark the message as read.

Update Messages in Field

Team AroFlo

Christmas breakup:
AroFlo will be having a Christmas breakup lunch on Friday the 20th of December at 12:00PM AEDT. We will not be taking support or training calls until 5:00PM AEDT except for emergency technical issues.

While many of our clients will take a much needed break this year, a select team at AroFlo will be here to support our clients throughout the Christmas and New Year's period.

Technical Support:
Our Technical Support will be available over the holiday period during normal business hours. The emergency line will be available after-hours, on the weekends and over the public holidays for emergency technical issues.

Customer Training will not be available from Friday the 20th of December 2019.
Our Technical Support and Customer Training staff will be back to normal from Monday the 6th of January, 2020.

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Control 'Move Items' via Permission Groups

We've added a Move Items field to the Purchase Orders section in the permission group settings.

By default, all users can move items from a purchase order to a task or to stock. To switch this setting off, see Moving Items on Orders.

Learn more about Permission Groups.

Periodic Templates: Change Owner

We've added the 'Owner' field to periodic templates, so templates can now be moved between business units that have all the same data available to them (e.g. task types, clients, assigned users).

Learn more about periodic templates.

Business Unit filter in task searches

Permission Groups

You need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

We've added the Business Unit filter for task searches, which is available for those who have access to multiple business units.

This new filter can be found when:

Changing task types on a task

When changing the task type on an existing task, you will now be given an option on how you want to proceed, depending on the scenario. You can choose more than one option, or choose 'None of the above'.

Learn more about task checklists and custom fields.

New Setting: Email Reply Imports Format

Recently we introduced changes to the address format of emails with reply imports enabled. This change was necessary to ensure email replies return.

Based on feedback, we have introduced a new setting in Site Administration to switch email format, if preferred.

Note that the 'Reply-To' email format has a high risk of being ignored by a number of external email applications. If used, we cannot guarantee the behaviour of external email applications, and therefore, you may not correctly receive all replies.

Site Administration Setting - Email Reply Import

Team AroFlo

Save time when paying suppliers

Need to pay for multiple orders from the one supplier? It just got easier, as we've added a bulk payment option to your purchase order lists. 

Bulk payments to suppliers

Team AroFlo

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Importing Price Levels via Bulk Import

You can now import price levels using the bulk import tool when creating or updating inventory items.

Whether you're a new or existing customer wanting to set up price levels, this tool can be useful as you can import multiple prices in bulk.

Learn more about Price Levels and importing inventory via Bulk Import.

New field for importing tasks via Bulk Import

We've added a new field when importing tasks: Requested (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm).

This can come in handy if you're importing historical tasks.

Learn more about Bulk Data Import.

Report Fields and Filters


We have added a Tracking Centre field for Inventory reports:

This can be used to view and filter on your inventory reports.

Learn more about Reports.

Set Default Business Unit Links for Clients and Suppliers

Site Administrators can now set up default business unit links so that all new clients and suppliers automatically have the right links set up.

Learn more about Clients and Suppliers.

You talked, we listened

Based on feedback from those using our new-look Field interface, we're about to make two changes to the Actions button (hamburger icon in the bottom right):

  • the hamburger icon will be replaced by a green and white plus sign, which will give users access to the Create options, and
  • the print and email options that were accessible from the Actions button will be moved to the More tab.

Look for these changes a little later today. 

Action button changes

Team AroFlo

New Site Administration setting: Override Quote Default

If you often invoice under or over the total value of a linked quote, you can now set the Override Quote Checkbox to be ticked by default. This is useful if you don't want AroFlo to automatically insert the Quote variation line item on your Invoices.

Override Quote Checkbox on an Invoice

Team AroFlo

We've made some updates to the look of the layouts section.

Not only does it look more modern, it also has some new functionality:

  • Tabs are now coloured so you can clearly see what tab you're currently on.
  • The live search now searches all categories and tells you how many of each item you're searching for are in each one.

Layouts new look

Live search

Team AroFlo