New menu applied to Site Administration

We've updated the menu in Site Administration, to match the new Office menu, which was recently launched.

This includes the updated Help Menu and Profile Menu.

New site admin menu

In case you missed the announcement for the new menu, click below.

New Menu

Team AroFlo

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Office: Prompt to turn a task into a quote

We've added a prompt when turning a task into a quote.

Turning a task into a quote is useful if the scope of the assigned work has changed and you now need to create a quote for future work to be performed.

Learn more about the Task Worksheet.

Field: Navigate to task location

Navigate to your task's location in one click by tapping the new Directions button on a task.

This will save you from opening the location or client card first.

Learn more about the Task Worksheet.

Work Orders: Ordered By field

We've added Ordered By to Work Orders.

This defaults to the logged-in user but can be edited if necessary, and is used to record who is responsible for the order.

In addition, this field has also been added to layouts and reports.

This is in preparation for some exciting features coming soon to Work Orders. Stay tuned for more!

Learn more about creating a Work Order.

Layouts: New Quote Table

We've added a new quote table to use on your layouts: 

Quote Screen Layout Excl. Options (child indent)

This table will display the line items as they appear on the quote (expanded or collapsed) and excludes any line items within option groups.

Learn more about Layouts.

AroFlo now prompts you when you're moving a schedule split across multiple days.

You will now have options that will assist you in avoiding making mistakes when moving schedules and fine-tuning your calendar.


Learn More About Editing a Schedule

Team AroFlo

By now you will have seen our new and improved menu.

To help you with the transition, have a read of our help page which will walk you through each menu option. The page also contains a video, showing you the main differences in terms of navigation, which are also listed below.

Explore the new menu

Key differences between the old menu and the new menu:

  • ServiceTrack has been renamed to Workflow and now contains the Compliance menu
  • We've added a new menu category of Accounts, which contains your clients and suppliers and their related information, e,g, Invoices, Bills, Locations, and Integration
  • Additional options for each area, meaning fewer clicks to get where you need to go
  • The Manage menu now contains the Map
  • You can easily create a Location from the Create menu
  • Creating a Periodic Task is now done via Workflow > Periodic > Create (or via the Periodic Task dropdown when creating a task)
  • Creating a Periodic Invoice is now done via Accounts > Invoices > Periodic.

Team AroFlo

AroFlo now remembers the layout set when you save a work order.

We know that sometimes you need a different layout from the default. Just like Quotes and Invoices, if you change the Print Options Layout for a Work Order, we now retain the selection if you need it again in the future.

This update paves the way for Online Work Orders! We'll have even more to share soon.

Work Order Print Options

Preview a Work Order

Team AroFlo

Coming Soon: New Menu 🎉

Here's a sneak peek of our brand menu which is coming soon.

We'll have more information shortly.

Team AroFlo

We've added the reply function to Work Order Notes.

This is helpful in identifying important notes, which will appear in a conversation style, and will save you from creating additional notes for the same thing.

This feature is to make way for some exciting updates coming to Work Orders so watch this space!

Work Order note reply

Team AroFlo

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Online Quote links are now visible and active for all acceptance statuses. This means you can start using Online Quotes as soon as a quote is approved.

Online links provide access to the online quote viewer, where your clients can:

  • view and/or download the quote
  • accept or reject a quote
  • ask a question
  • view attached documents and photos.

Learn more about Online Quotes | Quote Statuses.

Office: RFQ Link on Work Orders

We've made it even easier to jump straight back to the Request for Quote you generated a Work Order from by including a link in the top right of the worksheet if you need to check something on the original request.

Learn more about Work Orders | Request for Quotes.

Report Fields and Filters

Projects Report

Have you ever wondered...

  • Are my projects current profitable?
  • How is my cashflow per project?
  • What are my most profitable project stages?

If you have and haven't quite been able to crack those questions in AroFlo, project reporting just got made a lot easier as you can now report on not only project-wide profit and loss, but also profit and loss per stage, margin and more!

Learn more about Projects | Reports

Tasks Report

We've added the ability to see Gantt chart progress and also enhanced Work Order reporting including value and task total:

  • Total Work Orders
  • Total Work Orders Value
  • Total Work Orders Task Actuals
  • Gantt Task Progress
  • Gantt Task Duration
  • Gantt Task Start Date

Learn more about Gantt ChartsWork OrdersReports

New Reports added

Quotes Report

We've added three new Quote reports, specific to Acceptance Statuses, to the list of Standard Reports:

  • Accepted Quotes - Shows all quotes within the last 30 days with the acceptance status of Accepted
  • Awaiting Decision Quotes - Shows all quotes within the last 30 days with the acceptance status of Awaiting Decision or Need More Information
  • Quotes Approved with Acceptance Status - Shows all Approved quotes within the last 30 days for all acceptance statuses.

These will make reporting on quotes using acceptance statuses even easier, especially when dealing with Online Quotes.

Learn more about Quotes | Reports.

Automatically add scheduled users to the labour timer

We've made it easier to add users scheduled to the task/quote when creating a timesheet entry from the labour timer.

The Add Scheduled Users button will automatically add all users scheduled to the task or quote.

This is available in both AroFlo Office and Field.

Add scheduled users

Team AroFlo

Australian Airconditioning Distributors now available for supplier catalogues

Your account with Australian Airconditioning Distributors can now be accessed through online supplier catalogues to access real-time pricing and product information, streamlining every quote, purchase order or invoice you raise.

Australian Airconditioning Distributors

Use Supplier Online Catalogues

Team AroFlo

Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

Office: Purchase Order templates

We've made purchase order templates easier to use by adding a Template Name field.

Adding template names will help you distinguish between templates, especially if you have a large list of templates.

In addition, we've added the Notes field for templates.

The template name also appears beside each template in the purchase order templates list:

Note that if you have existing templates, you can edit them to include template names.

Create Purchase Order Templates.

Office: new column available for Projects

When viewing Projects, you can now enable the Scheduled Date information for tasks.

Enable this using the Columns button.

Learn more about viewing Projects.

Report Fields and Filters

Location Report

You can now filter Location reports by the Location Status (Active/Archived). This is helpful if you only want to display locations marked as active or archived.

Learn more about Locations.

Invoices Report

We've added several Last Email... fields to Invoice reports, e.g. Last Email Subject, Body, Date, Attachments, and Status.

These are useful if you need to see information about emails attached to invoices at a glance.

Learn more about Invoicing.

Learn more about Reports.

Reply to questions for online quotes

We've introduced note replies for tasks and quotes in AroFlo Field.

Replying to notes is useful in keeping notes and replies together and will save you from creating separate notes for related things. In addition, for online quote acceptance, you can now reply to your clients' questions in AroFlo Field!

We aim to introduce this feature in more areas in the coming weeks so watch this space!

Field task note replies

Reply to a task note

Team AroFlo

Office: Event Messages 📩

Default Event Messages

We've made it even easier to set and forget everyday email notifications such as schedule creation and invoice payments.

For new AroFlo customers, this will be on by default, but for existing customers, you can enable these in a few easy steps.

Default schedule event message

Enable default event messages

Team AroFlo

Attaching Task Documents

For Task Invoices, we've made it even easier to attach Documents and Photos to the invoice, which are already attached to the task.

Simply click Task Documents when attaching files to choose which files you want to attach to your invoice.

This works really well if you're using Online Invoices as you can share documents and photos with your client.

Invoice docs and photos

Attach Task Documents to an Invoice

Team AroFlo

Office: New Dashboard 📈

Use our new dashboard

We've revamped the dashboard! Our new and improved dashboard features handy widgets, so you can easily see how your business is tracking at a glance.

In addition, the new dashboard features an improved look of the Message Board, as well as a quick-start menu.

If you're not already looking at the new dashboard when you login, click Try our new Dashboard, at the top right of the home screen.

New Dashboard

Try our new Dashboard

Team AroFlo