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Our Developers are always working on AroFlo to improve its performance for your business. The Nuts & Bolts Update gives you a round-up of recent small but important enhancements.

AroFlo Office Redesign: Locations

The Location card is the latest area to receive a makeover by our User Interface specialists.

Learn more about Locations.

Notes for Credit Notes

The Credit Notes worksheet now includes a tab for Notes and Documents & Photos.

Upload records and receipts directly to the Credit Note.

Learn more about Credit Notes.

Report Fields and Filters

Task, Quote & Invoice reports

We've added a bunch of fields to allow you to see SMS messages that have been sent. Fields starting with:

  • Last give you the most-recent SMS messages relating to a task, quote or invoice, e.g. Last SMS Date
  • SMS give you all the SMS messages relating to a quote or invoice, e.g. SMS Date
  • Task give you all the SMS messages relating to a task, e.g. Task SMS Date.

Here are just some of the new SMS fields:

  • Last 3 Sms History
  • Last Sms Date
  • Last Sms Date Dayofweek
  • Last Sms Date Dayofweek Year
  • Last Sms Date Month
  • Last Sms Date Month Year
  • Last Sms Date Quarter
  • Last Sms Date Quarter Year
  • Last Sms Date Time
  • Last Sms Date Time Dayofweek
  • Last Sms Date Time Dayofweek Year.
Credit Notes report

The 'Purchase Order Invoice Number' field has been added for easier reconciliation.

Task reports

We've also added a some new fields to see when labour entries were created.

  • Lab Created Date Time
  • Lab Created Date Dayofweek
  • Lab Created Date Dayofweek Year
  • Lab Created Date Month
  • Lab Created Date Month Year
  • Lab Created Date Quarter
  • Lab Created Date Quarter Year
Periodic reports

Finally, a few location fields have been added to help with routine maintenance.

  • Location
  • Location Address
  • Location Postcode

Learn more about Reports.

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