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Using permission groups, you can control the types of reports your team can access in AroFlo's report menu. This is especially useful if you want members of your team to only see reports that are relevant to their role. Each report type includes access settings that allow you turn on or off a user's ability to view, create, edit or delete reports.

Once users are assigned to permission groups, you will also be able to restrict user access to specific custom reports. For more information, see Report Restrictions.

Report types and access options

The Types section lists all of the report types (categories) that are available within AroFlo's report menu.

The following access options allow you to turn on or off a user's ability to view, create, edit or delete reports:

Access optionsDescription
ListAdd or remove the report type from the report menu.
ViewDisable all reports listed under that report type.
CreateEnable or disable creation of new custom reports.
EditEnable or disable editing of existing custom reports.
DeleteEnable or disable delete function on custom reports.


The Filter section allows you to limit access to specific report lists, i.e. standard or custom.



The Fields section allows you to control access to custom report settings.

Field optionsDescription
Available to ClientsAllows user to make reports available to clients who are permitted to access your site.
Restrictions Allows user to view, add or remove access restrictions on individual reports.
Available Columns Allows user to view, add, edit or remove columns within a report.
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