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You can make it easier for your customers to pay you by adding a 'Pay Now' link to your invoices and emails. When you send an invoice to a customer, they can click the 'Pay Now' link to make a card payment via AroFlo's secure client payment portal. Once the payment has been confirmed, it is automatically applied to the invoice in AroFlo.

Payment gateway required

A payment gateway is used to facilitate online processing of debit and credit card payments via a third-party e-commerce service provider. Connecting AroFlo to a payment gateway is an administration function that requires access to Site Administration. For more information, see Payment Gateways.

To add a 'Pay Now' link to a layout footer:

  1. Preview your chosen invoice layout.
  2. Click Customise.
  3. Click the footer area (bottom part of layout).
  4. In the properties box, click Setup.

  5. Click (pencil icon) to edit the attached footer.
  6. Inside the footer, place your curser where you want the link to appear.
  7. Under the Static Data tab (on the right), scroll down (or search for) and click on the [Pay Now Link] element.

  8. You can now use the HTML editor tools to adjust the font size if needed.
  9. Click Save Footer to save your changes.
  10. Click Done to close the footer setup.
  11. You will need to save the layout before previewing.

We recommend adding a 'View Invoice' button to your emails. See Online Invoices to learn more.

To add a 'Pay Now' link to an email:

  1. Create or edit an Email Template designed for your Invoice notifications.
  2. In the Static Data area, scroll down (or search for) [Invoice Pay Now Link].

  3. Insert the Static Data in your email and click Save.
  4. The Pay Now link will appear when you select the email template.
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