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Posting an item (invoice, purchase order or payment) from AroFlo to MYOB AccountRight gives an error similar to:

  1. [50] Error converting value "" to type 'System.Guid'. Path 'lines[X].Account.uid', line 1, position YYY. 
  2. [50] Error converting value "" to type 'System.Guid'. Path 'invoices[X].uid', line 1, position YYY
  3. [50] Error converting value "" to type 'System.Guid'. Path 'SellingDetails.FreightTaxCode.UID'


Looking at the error will assist in understanding what item is incorrect.

The first example Path 'lines[X].Account.uid', line 1, position YYY.  tells us that the Account Code (Account.uid) for the item at line number X (lines[X]) does not have a matching identifier (uid) that MYOB understands. Remap the account code and update the line item to select the new account code and retry the post.

The second example Path 'invoices[X].uid', line 1, position YYY is from a payment and tells us that the invoice from this payment has not been transferred to MYOB and so does have an ID MYOB understands (invoices[X].uid). Ensure that the invoice has been pushed across via the internal AroFlo link* and then retry the post.

Invoices from older integrations

If the invoice was previously transferred using the Spearhead integration the only solution is to manually record these payments.
  1. Attempt to push across all payments to ensure that any new/recent invoice payments (not related to this issue) are pushed across.
  2. Record the remaining payments manually into MYOB.
  3. Tick the box next to all of these payments and the use Mark as Processed.

The third example Path 'SellingDetails.FreightTaxCode.UID' is from a purchase order and tells us that the Tax Code of the line item (FreightTaxCode.UID) does not have an identifier (UID) that MYOB understands. Ensure that all Tax Codes have been properly imported from MYOB and and mapped accordingly in the Map Account Codes area. Update the PO line items with the correct Tax Codes and retry the post.

The below image shows TaxCodes with correct External IDs. Check all tax codes have a value in this column.