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Payments can be recorded against an invoice at any stage. This can be done manually or posted from a supported accounting package via an integration link.

  • Click here to see if your accounting package supports two-way transfer of invoice payments.
  • For negative payments please refer to Credit Notes.

To add a payment manually:

  1. Open the invoice.
  2. Click Add Payment.
  3. Select a Payment Method.

    Payment methods and surcharges are predefined in Site Admin. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance. For more information, see Payment Methods and Surcharges.

  4. Enter the Date Paid
  5. Adjust the auto-filled Amount (current balance due) if required.
  6. Choose a stored payment type if applicable and an applicable payment gateway.
  7. Enter a Reference and any Notes (optional).

    • Reference could be something like a transaction ID, e.g. from an EFTPOS machine or POS
    • Notes are any internal notes about the payment, e.g. 'part payment', '10% deposit', or 'paid over the phone'.
  8. Click Save.

The Status dropdown menu defaults to 'Approved'. You can change this if your workflow requires it, but the status must be set to Approved before the payment can be sent to your accounting package. 

Bulk payments

You can record a payment against multiple invoices via the In Progress, Pending Approval, Approved or Processed invoice list screens.

  1. Go to ServiceTrack > Invoicing > Select In ProgressPending Approval, Approved or Processed invoices.
  2. Select the invoices from those shown in the list.
    Click to enlarge

  3. Click Add Payment.
  4. Select the Payment Method.

  5. Enter the total Amount Received
  6. Enter the Amount Ex Surcharges for each invoice.

    If the payment amount is the same as the balance due, you can double click the field to populate this value.
  7. Enter a reference and any notes (optional).
  8. Click Save.


When a payment method with a surcharge is selected, you will see additional fields that show the surcharge % and the surcharge amount.

Credit card payments

If your AroFlo site is connected to a payment gateway, you can take credit card payments over the phone. Simply enter the customer's card details and click Save and Charge. The payment will be processed via your payment gateway and receipted within AroFlo. For more information, see Payment Gateways.

Surcharge % and surcharge values can also be added to layouts and reports. For more information, see Custom Layouts.

Updating payment on processed invoices

If an invoice was processed prior to recording the payment in AroFlo, the invoice status will automatically revert to 'Approved'. If surcharges were included, a line item for the surcharge value will be inserted.

Depending on your accounting package, you may be able to re-post or manually process the invoice.

Updating processed invoices in Xero

To post invoice updates to Xero, you must ensure the Invoice Status (located in the Integration Menu) is set to Authorised.

This setting allows Xero to post the updated invoice (as long as the invoice has not been voided and no prior payments or credits have been applied to this invoice).

Updating processed invoices in MYOB, QuickBooks, Reckon

MYOB, QuickBooks and Reckon do not allow invoice updating. The invoice will need to be deleted from the accounting package in order to re-post the invoice with the surcharge.

Alternatively, the invoice could be manually adjusted in both systems and marked as 'Processed' using the Integration Menu.

Edit payment history

Once a payment has been recorded, you can edit or delete the payment record if needed.

If the payment has already been sent to your accounting package, any changes you make to the payment will not be automatically reflected in your accounting package.

  1. Click Payment History or the Payments Applied value
  2. Select the payment record.
  3. Click Edit Payment
  4. Change the status of the payment to In Progress or Pending Approval
  5. Save
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and make your changes to the payment details
  7. Change the status back to Approved
  8. Save.

Delete Payment

To delete a payment record, e.g. if a payment has been created in error, follow the steps above, up to step 6, but instead of making changes to the record, click Delete and confirm deletion.

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