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AroFlo's map allows you to view locations and time information recorded by a mobile or GPS device that is connected to a user in AroFlo.

The level of detail shown on the map and in the user's timeline is determined by the type of GPS tracking device that has been connected to the user.

Live tracking is only available for supported GPS tracking units. To learn more, see GPS Tracking Overview.

Know the current location of your field staff, if they have arrived at their job or their location when work is signed off.

Track field staff locations throughout the day for easier scheduling.

Access to GPS records for verifying timesheets and labour entries on tasks.

AroFlo Maps rely on websocket communication running on the ws:// protocol. To use AroFlo Maps, your routers and firewalls will need to allow the ws:// protocol on port 80.

Add resources to the map

Users must have GPS tracking enabled on their user card before they can be added to the map.

  1. Click Filter BU.
  2. Select business unit(s).

  3. Click Apply Filter.
  4. Select resource(s).
  5. Click (arrowhead icon) to find each resource on the map.

To view the map in full screen, click (square icon top right of screen).

View daily tracking

To view daily tracking information for a selected resource, click (bullet list icon located under the resource's name).

Alternatively, you can view daily tracking information for all resources:

  1. Click (top right of screen).
  2. Use the < > (arrows) to select a date
  3. Click each resource to view their daily tracking timeline. Use the asset dropdown to switch between assets linked to the user.

    By default, AroFlo will display the data for the tracked asset that your user was most recently linked to.


Map Key


Stopped at a location (> 5 minutes)

Stopped at a location that matches a job address in AroFlo.

Short stop (< 5 minutes).

Location matches a job address in AroFlo.
  • The complete map key is only displayed when there is GPS data available for the selected day.
  • 'Day Started' and 'Day Ended' show the tracking times set on the user's profile.
  • 'Connection lost: Please refresh your browser' is displayed when the user's GPS device has lost connectivity with our GPS server or new updates have been released.
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Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.

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