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Once you've finalised your Groundplan Quantities, you can import them into an AroFlo quote and then order the items you need via an AroFlo purchase order.

Importing Groundplan Quantities

  1. In Groundplan, click Export > Export as AroFlo CSV Import.

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  2. Click Save File > OK.
  3. In AroFlo, open the quote you want to upload the Groundplan quantities to.
  4. Click Bulk Import and select the file you want to upload.

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  5. On the Bulk Data Import window, click Use Template against the template named 'Groundplan - Default Template'.

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  6. Click Import > Yes.

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    AroFlo confirms that the items have been imported into your quote. If there are any issues shown in the Issues column, please see Bulk Import: Troubleshooting.

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Once the items have been imported to your AroFlo quote, you can make any changes you need to. When you're happy with your quote, save it and send it to your client, as you normally would.

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Ordering Groundplan Quantities via AroFlo

Once your client has approved your quote:

  1. Set the quote Status to Approved.
  2. Click View Task (lower right) to go to the linked task.
  3. Click Purchase Orders > Create Order > Quoted Items. The items you imported from Groundplan will appear.

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See Create a Purchase Order for more information.

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