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titleWhat is the difference between AroFlo and AroFlo GO?

AroFlo is a full featured job management system that's designed for small to large trade and service businesses (minimum 3 users).

The AroFlo subscription includes:

  • a dedicated Success Consultant
  • full training and set-up
  • unlimited phone support, live chat and email support.

AroFlo Go is a 'lite' version that gives sole traders the essential tools they need to run their business on-the-go (minimum 1 user).

The AroFlo Go subscription includes:

  • limited phone support (up to 30 mins per month)
  • option to pre-purchase hourly support packages

  • unlimited live chat and email support.

For a full comparison of features, see AroFlo Product Feature Comparison.

titleI've just signed up. When does my free access period start?

AroFlo subscription - Your free access period starts when you first log in to AroFlo. This also

AroFlo Go subscription - Your free access period starts as soon as you verify your site after completing the online sign up. 

Both subscriptions include a free trial of AroFlo's Document Storage add-on during the free access period.

titleWhat happens after the 30 day free access period?

AroFlo subscription - Monthly billing for your subscription will commence. We'll send you an invoice at the end of each month and payment will be processed in accordance with your direct debit request.

AroFlo Go subscription - We will email you a few days before the end of the free access period to remind you to enter your bank account or credit card details. At the end of the free access period, the to features in the account will be limited to the subscription window until a credit card is registered.

titleHow do I upgrade from AroFlo GO to the full featured AroFlo system?

You can upgrade to our full featured system at any time. Our Sales team would be happy to give you a demonstration of AroFlo before you upgrade - just give us a call to arrange a suitable time.

If you're ready to go ahead and upgrade, please contact our Accounts team and they will assist you with your request.

titleDoes your system have a client facing portal?

You can create logins for individual client contacts which allows them to access and update jobs that are logged against their company name. For more information, see Client Access.

titleDoes your system work with sub-contractors?

Yes, you can create logins for individual contractors to allow them to access and complete jobs that are assigned or scheduled to them. Please note that there is an additional monthly charge for each contractor that accesses AroFlo.

For more information, see Contractor Access.


titleHow does your active user pricing work?

AroFlo subscription - Starts off with a minimum of 3 active users at $150* per month. For each new active user after this, we automatically add a $50* charge per month and we throw in a freebie on your 6th user. Once you hit 11 active users,  your monthly charge drops to $45* per user.

AroFlo Go subscription - You simply pay $39* per month for each active user (1 minimum user).

*All pricing is AUD excluding GST.

titleWhat is a passive user and much do they cost?

A passive user is someone who does not need to access AroFlo but needs to be in the system for scheduling and time-writing purposes. An active user can schedule jobs and send schedule notifications to passive users as well as entering timesheets on their behalf. Please see our pricing schedule for passive user charges.

titleWhen will I receive my first monthly bill?

At the end of your free access period, monthly billing for your subscription will commence. We'll send you an invoice at the end of each month and payment will be processed in accordance with your direct debit request.

titleHow can I update my direct debit details?

Please call our Accounts team to update your bank account or credit card details.

titleI want to pay for an invoice but it doesn't have your banking details?

Please call our Accounts team to make a payment via direct debit or credit card.

Document storage

titleI can no longer access document storage. How do I reactivate it?

During your initial free access period, you also get a free trial of our Document Storage add-on.  After the trial period,  document storage is an additional monthly charge  per subscription.

If you wish to continue using Document Storage, please contact our Customer Service team and they will reactivate it for you. Please note that any documents or images that were uploaded to AroFlo during the trial period will not be lost.

Consulting and training

titleHow much training and support will I get?

AroFlo subscription - You will be assigned a Success Consultant who will work with you to develop a flexible learning plan based on your individual requirements and business workflow. 

AroFlo Go subscription - Your AroFlo Go subscription gives you:

You can purchase hourly support packages or upgrade to our Premium Support Package  at any time. Simply contact our Customer Service team and they'll organise it for you.

titleDo you provide on-site training?

No, we provide all training sessions over the phone using a secure remote support portal. This allows us to share your screen so we can show you exactly what to do. Alternatively, if you're based in Melbourne, you can request to attend training at our office.

If you need on-site training, accounting guidance or business advice, you can find a list of AroFlo Certified Consultants and Partners in our Partner Directory

Please note:  AroFlo Consultants and Partners are not employees of AroFlo.  We do not guarantee or endorse the service or level of expertise of any consultant or partner.

titleWill you train all of my staff, including new staff in the future?

AroFlo subscription -  Our initial set-up and training package is designed to

AroFlo Go subscription

Accounting integration

titleDoes the training and set-up fee include accounting integration?

No, there is an additional one-off fee (per company file) to set up an accounting integration link, plus an on-going annual maintenance fee. Please see our  pricing schedule for cloud and desktop set-up costs.

If you would like a quote to set up an integration link for your accounting package, please contact our Customer Service team.

titleDo I need an accounting integration to use AroFlo?

titleWhat do I need to do before I integrate my accounting system with AroFlo?
To ensure that we can successfully set up your accounting integration with AroFlo, you will need to:
  • Check that all of your clients and suppliers exist in AroFlo prior to the integration session.
  • Know the Tax Codes and Account Codes that relate to your AroFlo Task Types, Invoices, Payments and Purchase Orders.
  • Have the relevant Admin login details/privileges to access your accounting system.
  • Back up your accounting file prior to the integration session (if your accounting system provides a back up option).

Additional requirements for MYOB Classic/MYOB Live Local/Quickbooks/Reckon:

  • This software is for PC/Windows only -please call our Customer Service team to discuss possible Apple MacOS solutions.
  • Install the desktop software on a computer that has access to your accounting system files.


titleHelp and Support

AroFlo Help Centre

You can find all the information you need in the Help Centre, which is accessible from AroFlo Office or Field.

Email Support

For non-urgent queries, please send us a support request via the Help button within AroFlo and we will contact you within one business day.

Phone Support

If you need urgent assistance, please call our Customer Support team during our business hours on the numbers below:




03 9259 5200




09 8871 130




415 651 3496