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'Forms' is the general term that includes:

  • Risk Assessment (JSA) templates
  • Checklists
  • Custom Forms.

To create a new Compliance Item, go to Compliance > Forms. You can also create a new form for a specific task. Extra items can also be included if required from site. 

AroFlo provides the ability to create custom checklists and forms to suit the environment you operate in, allowing you to build a catalogue of document templates that can be easily retrieved and completed from site.

Categories are used to organise your document templates and you can easily drag and drop templates from one category (or sub-category) to another.


For instructions on how set up and use custom forms, see TM 3.3 Compliance Custom Forms.

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Spec Forms in the Field

To make the form available in the Spec forms:

  1. Click Create on the selected form
  2. Enter a name for the form
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form and choose the specific Task Type the form is associated with, or select All Task Types to make it available on all jobs.

To delete a spec form, go to Compliance > Safety Plan > Linked Items. Select the item and click Delete.

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