An asset is a piece of equipment or a component for which you may want to build up a service history, track movement using GPS, and store warranty information or user manuals.


In AroFlo, your record of a supplier invoice is known as a Bill. Bills can be linked to purchase orders and work orders.


The AroFlo calendar displays your scheduled tasks and events


Checklists are a series of items that require a response. They can be added to tasks and quotes.


Store all your client contact information, payment details, and access job history with that client.


Access your various safety forms in your AroFlo site, as well as certification records.


Contractors are used in AroFlo for the purpose of sending contracted work via Work Orders and assigning work to them using Contractor Access

Credit Notes

Credit notes are used to reduce the amount your client owes you, or that you owe a supplier.

Documents and Photos

AroFlo's documents and photos functionality makes it easy for users to upload, download, search, view and email documents or photos within Office and Field


Contact your clients and create a range of email templates to achieve a consistent, professional look and feel to your emails.


AroPoint GPS offers a choice of tracking options, so you can choose the one that suits your business.


The Home Dashboard features helpful widgets to help show you how your business is tracking, as well as workflow totals and an internal message board.

Import Data

AroFlo allows you to import various types of data, making tasks easier to manage.


AroFlo features an integrated and extensive stock control and inventory system.


AroFlo offers a range of invoicing options for the diverse needs of your business.


AroFlo Office provides a range of ready-to-use standard layouts for things like quoting and invoicing, or you can create your own.


Locations are used for recording the address and contact details of a client's work site or of your suppliers.

Log In

Log in instructions for AroFlo Office

Main Menu

A guide of the AroFlo Office main menu


Notes are featured throughout AroFlo Office and Field and are used for reference and communication purposes.


Take a payment for invoices using your set up payment methods

Periodic Tasks

A periodic task is a task that can be automatically generated at regular intervals (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). This is ideal for recurring work and preventative maintenance.


AroFlo's Projects feature allows you to group multiple tasks for the purpose of managing costs, invoicing, and checking progress against a contract value.

Purchase Orders

A purchase order is used to order materials for a particular task or for stock replenishment.


AroFlo provides a flexible quote builder that allows you to create simple or detailed quotes depending on the size of the job.


Keep tabs on your business by using AroFlo's robust reporting tool to create customised reports from the data stored within your AroFlo site.

Request for Quotes

Request for Quotes allows you to send a list of materials to multiple suppliers in order to get the best price. This is useful for large projects.


A supplier is a wholesaler you purchase goods from and raise purchase orders against.


In AroFlo, a job is known as a task. Working with tasks is one of the fundamental processes in AroFlo.


The Timesheet section of AroFlo Office is used for managing user timesheets. It also lets you record labour against tasks (productive time) and overheads such as leave (non-productive time).

Tracking Centers

Tracking centers are used for categorizing or grouping labor, materials, freight and / or expense values, for reporting purposes


A User is an internal resource (person) who has access to AroFlo or has labour recorded against their name in the system.

Work Orders

Work Orders are used where you're requesting contracted work. Your contractors will view your work order so they can see what needs to be done and choose to accept or decline the work.

Business Units

Learn what a Business Unit is used for in AroFlo Office


Learn how to manage client, supplier and contractor contacts in AroFlo Office

Description Templates

Learn how to easily prefill fields with regularly-used snippets or phrases in your workflow


Learn about the map in AroFlo Office


Learn how to set up your pricing in AroFlo

AroFlo Troubleshooting

Learn ways to troubleshoot unexpected behavior in AroFlo