To-Do List

Learn how to create quick reminders on the go

Updated on March 21st, 2024

The To Do List is a great way to create quick reminders on the go, for things that don't require a task to be created. It's also visible in Field.

  • To-Do Items are independent and not linked to any area in AroFlo, e.g. Tasks
  • To-Do Items can be assigned to other users
  • Entries are marked as completed by each user
  • To-Do Items are private. Only whoever originally made the item and the assignee can see a To-Do item.

Use cases

  • Create quick reminders to write up a quote once you return to the office
  • You need to chat to another colleague about their availability for an upcoming job
  • Remind yourself to bring necessary equipment to the next job at hand.

Pending To-Do items

Pending To-Do items are flagged with a notification in the AroFlo Help menu.



Create a To-Do item

To create a To-Do Item:

  1. Click the (list with tickbutton in the AroFlo Profile Menu
  2. Click the (plus) button
  3. Give your item a Description
  4. (optional) Set a Due Date using the calendar picker

    - If you don't set a date, the To-Do Item will default to today's date.
    - If the due date is passed, the To-Do Item will be highlighted in red.

  5. (optional) Click Add Users to assign the item to a user.

    - If you don't assign the item to a user, it will automatically be assigned to you.
    - If you want to assign an item to yourself and others, be sure to add yourself as a user. Alternatively, Create the To-Do item so that you'll be assigned, and then edit it and click Update Users to assign others to the item.

  6. Click Create to save the item.


Complete a To-Do Item

To complete a To-Do Item:

  1. Click the (list with tick) button in the AroFlo Profile menu.
  2. Click the 'Completed' Checkbox beside the relevant item.


Multiple assignees

If the To-Do item is assigned to multiple users, each assigned user will need to mark the item as completed.

Assigned users that have completed a To-Do item appear in green. Users that have not completed a To-Do item appear in yellow.

When is an item marked as completed?

  • If you've created the to-do item, the item will be marked as completed once everyone assigned to it has marked it as completed. Click the 'and x More' to see who has yet to mark the item as completed.
  • If someone else created the to-do item, assigned you to it, and you've marked it as completed, it will be marked as completed for you but still open for everyone else.

Just like the Task List, click (My) next to Assigned To to switch to only view your To-Do items. Click (All) to switch back.



Manage To-Do Items

You can only edit and delete To-Do Items that you've created.


To edit a To-Do Item:

  1. From either the 'Open' or 'Completed' tab, click the (blue pencil) beside the relevant item.
  2. Make the relevant changes to the description, due date, and assignees (see above)
  3. Save.


To delete a To-Do Item:

  1. From either the 'Open' or 'Completed' tab, click the (red rubbish bin) beside the relevant item
  2. Confirm deletion.

You can also mark a completed item as active again by finding the item in the 'Completed' tab and unticking the 'Completed' tickbox. The item will move back to the 'Open' status.