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  1. Create a Supplier Quote

    The main steps in creating a supplier quote are: Select Suppliers Add Items Set Supplier on item if required Send Email to Suppliers and move to Pending … suppliers you want to send the quote request to by ticking the relevant tick boxes. Click Select suppliers once done. add.a.supplier.png The suppliers are now listed
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  2. Supplier Quotes

    procedures. SupplierQuotesMenu.png Menu Options Click ServiceTrack > Supplier Quotes to open the Menu Options page. This page gives you quick links to the In Progress, Pending Approval, Approved and Processed lists of Supplier Quotes. These statuses are the same as those for Invoices and Purchase Orders and describe
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  3. Supplier Quote Data Definitions

    You can tailor the information shown in your supplier quote layouts by using data elements such as static data, dynamic data and tables. The following tables describe the data elements that are currently available for supplier quote layouts. For instructions on how to customise a standard layout, please refer
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  4. Supplier Quote Settings

    The table below provides an overview of the site admin settings that control the behaviour of supplier quotes. Click the blue links on the left to access full … and default email addresses for supplier quotes. Default Supplier Quote Note Restrictions Set the defaults for who has access to supplier quote notes.
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  5. Process Supplier Quotes

    Once the suppliers have returned their quotes and the client has given the go-ahead for the quote, you can select the best price for each item and create Purchase Orders for the relevant suppliers. Assign Suppliers to Items You can assign suppliers to individual items on the Supplier Quote if they had the best price
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  6. Signatures for Orders, Supplier Quotes & Invoices

    We have extended our capture signature feature to purchase orders, supplier quotes and invoices in both Office and Field. A series of signature labels can also be configured for purchase orders,supplier quotes and invoices in Site Admin. You now have the ability to add specific signatures based on labels (ie: Client
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  7. Using Supplier Online Catalogues

    . Import items directly on to a quote, purchase order, supplier quote or invoice … and Metalflex. There is no additional setup required. Supplier online catalogues (configured in Site Admin) can be accessed directly from a quote, purchase order
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  8. PO_diagram

    Select best supplier/s & assign to line items Sample Supplier Quote Workflow New Statuses Create quote & send to client Current Statuses Processed Approved Select suppliers you want quotes from Current Add items to supplier quote request Receive quotes back from suppliers New, optional statuses Pending
  9. Nuts and Bolts Update: 28 October 2019

    but important enhancements. Supplier Quotes: Link to supplier card On a supplier quote, click the name of a supplier to easily open up their supplier card. This now aligns with purchase orders and supplier credit notes. Learn more about Supplier Quotes. Field: Add documents
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  10. Supplier Online Catalogues

    items directly on to a quote, purchase order, supplier quote or invoice.  Use the most accurate material costs as pricing is live from the supplier.   As soon … to existing inventory items for use on quotes and purchase orders as well as updating cost and stock quantity for purchase orders. Select Suppliers Cost Ex
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