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Don't have time to book in a training session? We've created a Training Centre featuring interactive courses that are designed to help you learn in your own time, and at your own pace.

Track your progress and apply what you've learned as you advance through your training.

Ideal for new users, the Training Centre provides videos, interactive tutorials and additional resources that can be completed at any time and on any type of device. You will be guided every step of the way, showing you how to successfully complete online tasks in AroFlo.

Training Centre content is also available in text format. See our Written Tutorials.

Access the Training Centre

If you're not logged in to AroFlo, click here and follow the easy interactive guidance.

If you are logged in to:

  • AroFlo Office: click the Help menu (question mark) then select Training Centre.

  • AroFlo Field: tap the Help button(question mark), then tap Training Centre.

How to use the Training Centre

The Training Centre will list your available courses. The courses shown are based on your permission group, which is what determines which areas of AroFlo you can access.

We recommend that you complete the essential courses, shown in green.

Starting a course

To start (or resume) a course, click on the course image.

As you complete course content, the progress bar  will update to help you keep track of your training progress.

Course progression

Each course is broken down into lessons.  A lesson may contain videos or interactive tutorials. Click the lesson video or interactive tutorial to get started.

As you complete content, it will be automatically crossed out.  The progress bar  will also update to help you keep track of your training progress.


Clicking on a video will open it in another browser tab. The videos are designed to introduce the basics of a feature.

 Interactive Tutorials

Interactive tutorials start a series of small pop up windows  that appear at various points on your AroFlo screen. It's a hands-on way of learning the software, using your own AroFlo site and your own information.

Completing a course

Course Quiz

Once you have completed the course content, try the course quiz  to see if you have mastered the topic. The quiz is optional.

Course marked as complete

Once a course has been completed, it will appear with a green tick  in your course list. A badge will also appear if the quiz was mastered.

Additional Resources

Each course includes additional resources. The additional resources have no impact on course progression, but may be useful when you want to further explore the course topic.

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Help and Support

AroFlo Help Centre

You can click on the question mark icon in the top right of your AroFlo site to send an email support request, start a live chat, or search our Help and Training resources.

Phone Support

If you need urgent assistance, please call our Customer Service team on the numbers below between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (Melbourne, Australia time, public holidays excluded).

03 9259 5200

09 8871 130

415 651 3496

After hours support

For business-critical issues after hours, call one of the above support numbers. If we can't answer immediately, please leave your details and we'll call you back asap.