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In Reports > Tracking Centres, you can run a standard report which will allow you to compare your estimates (quotes) to actual costs on a task and invoiced revenue for each tracking centre. This information may assist with budgetary, cost control and sales pricing decisions by helping you identify areas where you may be under/over quoting.

Add Tracking Centres to Reports

Tracking centres can be added to any of the standard reports available within the Quotes, Tasks, Purchase Orders and Invoices report sections.

Report SectionAvailable Columns
QuotesItem Tracking Centre

Lab Tracking Centre
Mat Tracking Centre
Exp Tracking Centre

Purchase OrdersItem Tracking Centre
InvoicesInv Tracking Centre

In Reports, click a standard report e.g. In Progress Invoices.

Click Customise.


Click the Fields tab and use the search tool to find the tracking centre columns that you want to add to your report.

Check the box next to each column name ie: "Inv Tracking Centre" and Refresh Report.


The report can now be filtered, sorted and/or grouped by tracking centres.