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The Status list on the quote allows you to keep track of the progress of your quote. You can see a full list of your quotes in ServiceTrack > Quotes, which can be filtered by each status setting. 

AroFlo's reports menu features a range of pre-built quote reports that you can use or customise.

In Progress

When working on a quote, leave the status set to 'In Progress'. If you need to come back and finish off a quote, you can easily find it in ServiceTrack > Quotes > In Progress.

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Use of the 'Pending Approval' and 'Approval' statuses is determined by your workflow. The following sections explain.

Pending Approval

If your workflow does not involve any internal approvals, you can send your quote to your client as soon as you've finished preparing it. Set the quote status to 'Pending Approval' and Save.

The quote will now be listed in ServiceTrack > Quotes > Pending Approval. This list should be checked regularly and followed up with customers.

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When emailing quotes from AroFlo, you have the option to:

  • send
  • send, and update the quote status to 'In Progress'
  • send, and update the quote status to 'Approved'.


If your workflow requires that your quotes be signed off internally before you send them to your clients, you can set the status to 'Approved' once you've received the internal approval. This will enable the 'Acceptance Status' fields, which are used to track the quote status once the quote has been sent to your client.

If your workflow does not involve any internal approvals and your client has approved the quote, set the status to 'Approved' and ignore the Acceptance Status fields. These fields are optional.

Acceptance Status

When using the Acceptance Status, the main 'Approved' Quote status will be used as the internal approval, and the Acceptance Status will be used as the client's approval.

There are five acceptance statuses. Below is an outline of what each status could be used for but you can use them in whatever way fits your workflow.

Quote has been approved internally but has not yet been sent to the client

Quote has been sent to client and is awaiting their response

Client has accepted quote

Client has declined quote

Client has requested clarification or additional detail

For the 'Not Sent' and 'Awaiting Decision' statuses, you will have the option of entering an Acceptance Expiry using the calendar picker and time picker.

All other statuses will still display the Acceptance Expiry date and time you have entered, but they will be read only and you will not be able to enter a date and time. You can only alter these details in the 'Not Sent' and 'Awaiting Decision' statuses.

Default Acceptance Status

Your site administrator can set the default acceptance status. This setting also controls when a task generated from a quote becomes visible.

Generate a Task after approval

Once your client has accepted the quote, you can access the associated task (a copy of the quote) for scheduling and recording job information.

Click View > Task in the top right corner of the Quote worksheet, or click the View Task option towards the bottom.

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If your customer decides not to go ahead with the work, set the status to 'Rejected' and click Save.

The task will be automatically archived.

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Reject and invoice quote

In some situations where a customer decides not to go ahead with a quote, they can be invoiced for the work already performed. In this case, select the 'Rejected and Invoice' status and click Save.

You will be re-directed to the Completed Task screen so that you can invoice the client as needed. 

A note will be automatically added to the task to record the quoted amount rejected by the customer.

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