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Replies to email messages sent from AroFlo are recorded as replies to the email.

Emailed Quotes, Task Sheets, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Task Notes and any replies to those emails can be viewed from the email 'view history' function.

If customers reply to emails sent from AroFlo, the reply will be automatically recorded as a reply against the corresponding email inside AroFlo.

Replies to Event Messages will only be recorded if the setting is turned on in Site Administration Settings.

If your AroFlo has been configured to show emails in Task Notes, email replies will be added to Task Notes when they are received by the AroFlo mail server.

Task notes are sorted in chronological order and email replies may not appear directly underneath the original email.

See Email and SMS on Task Notes for details on how to setup and configure recording emails and customer replies as Task Notes.

How does it work?

When an email is sent from AroFlo the default reply address is configured according to your AroFlo settings. AroFlo then adds a second reply address that is used to import the email reply into AroFlo.

This means that when your customer replies to the email, their email will go to both email addresses; you will get a reply in your default reply email box and AroFlo will add that reply to the email inside AroFlo.