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The Task Worksheet (Materials) screen displays all of the materials that have been recorded or ordered against the open task. Office staff can make corrections if needed, and also record materials on behalf of employees. Materials can be edited or added even after the task status has been moved to 'Completed'.

Materials can be added to a task manually (suitable for adhoc items) or automatically by searching your inventory, task specific lists, or SOR lists.

Add an adhoc item

Adhoc items are those that don't exist in your inventory. From the Task Worksheet, click Material and complete the blank fields to record the item.

  1. Enter a Part No (optional).
  2. Enter the item name.
  3. Enter the quantity used.
  4. Enter the Cost Ex unit value.
  5. If you don't have a default markup for materials set in Site Admin, you will need to manually enter a markup percentage.

    Alternatively, you can enter the Sell Ex unit value and AroFlo will back calculate the markup percentage.

  6. The date defaults to today's date. You can back-date the materials record if needed.

    The date/time inserted field is used to track when materials were recorded on the task.

  7. Record where the stock was taken from by selecting a holder from the Take Stock From dropdown list.

    Take Stock From will default to the user logged in. The Remember User checkbox will save the selected user as a new default. Please note this is based on browser cookies, so it will only apply to the current device and browser being used.

  8. Click Save Materials.

Add an item from inventory

The Add New button provides access to inventory items.

  1. Click Add New and select Inventory.
  2. Use the search boxes at the top to filter the list by Category, Part No, or Item name.

    You can also use the Columns button to assist your search. You can add columns such as Thumbnail, Manufacturer or Stock Level (based who is selected in the 'Take Stock from' dropdown).

    Click to enlarge

  3. Enter the quantity used.
  4. Click x to close the Search Inventory window.

  5. Record where the stock was taken from by selecting a holder from the Take Stock From dropdown list (optional).
  6. Click Save Materials.
    Click to enlarge

Task specific lists

Task specific lists are short lists of commonly used items, or assemblies, which have been set up to enable users to quickly find the inventory items they need.

  1. Click Add New and select Task Specific Lists.
  2. Click a list name.
  3. Enter (on Task Specific Lists) or edit (on Assemblies) the quantity used for each item.
    Click to enlarge
  4. Select where the stock was taken from, from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Save.

SOR lists

SOR lists allow you to charge different price points for  goods or services. For example, you may have a loyalty scheme with different rates for VIP, Return Customers, and Seniors. For more information, see SOR Items and Lists

  1. Click Add New and select SOR Lists.
  2. Click a list name.
  3. Enter the quantity used.
  4. In the Sell Ex field, click (dollar sign) and select an SOR price level.Click to enlarge
  5. Click Save.

Add Quoted Items

This option will only be available from a quoted task, i.e. from a quote which has been approved.

Use this option to add materials from your quote worksheet.

Input the quantity of each item and Save to add the items to your task. Alternatively, to add all items to the task, tick Add all and Save.

Delete line items

To delete a line item, click(delete icon) against the item you want to delete and Save.

Click to enlarge

If there are multiple line items, you'll have the option to click the Multi-Delete checkbox. Select the line items you want to delete, or click the 'Select All' checkbox at the top of the column. Click Save.

Click to enlarge

Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.

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