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The Task Worksheet (Expenses) screen displays all of the expenses that have been recorded against the open task. Office staff can make corrections if needed, and also record expenses on behalf of employees.

There are two types of expenses:

  • standard expense, for things like parking
  • timesheet expense, for things like site allowances (to be paid to the employee in their pay).

Standard expense

 To add a standard expense:

  1. From the Task Worksheet, click Expense.
  2. Select Standard Expense.
  3. Complete all the fields.
  4. Click Save Expenses.

Once you've saved a standard expense, additional fields become available. The Quantity button allows you to specify a Cost or Sell price per unit, instead of just a total Cost or Sell price.

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If you have Document Storage enabled, you can use the Documents & Photos function. This can be handy for uploading an image of a receipt, for example.

To upload a document or photo:

  1. Click (Add Document icon).
  2. Click Upload to locate a file saved on your computer, or Take Photo to take a photo of the document.
  3. Click Done.
  4. To view expense documents, click (View Document icon).

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Timesheet expense

 To add a timesheet expense:

  1. From the Task Worksheet, click Expense.
  2. Select Timesheet Expense.
  3. Select the user from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the (magnifier) icon to search for the type of timesheet expense you need. These are set up as Overheads in Site Administration.
  5. Optional: Add an Extra Note.
  6. Complete the Quantity and cost fields, change the date if necessary, and (optional) select a Tracking Centre.
  7. Click Save Expenses.

Once the daily or weekly timesheet has been signed off for a user:

  • timesheet expenses cannot be added, edited or deleted for that day or week
  • documents and photos linked to locked timesheet expenses become read only.

See Add Timesheets for more information.

See also Record Expenses on a Task in the Field documentation.

Work Order Expenses

Expenses added from Work Orders will appear here under Expenses Applied and will contain a link to the work order.

Automatically add New Items to Task

If the setting Automatically add New Items to Task in Work Order settings has been unticked, entries will appear here but with a quantity of 0. You'll need to edit this value either from here or on the work order (Task Quantity column) if you want these job costs to be included on the task.