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Supplier Quotes allow you to send a list of materials to multiple suppliers in order to get the best price. This is useful for large projects and can enhance your procurement procedures.

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Menu Options

Click ServiceTrack > Supplier Quotes to open the Menu Options page. This page gives you quick links to the In Progress, Pending Approval, Approved and Processed lists of Supplier Quotes. These statuses are the same as those for Invoices and Purchase Orders and describe the state of the Supplier Quote.

In ProgressThe default status for all newly created supplier quotes and the status to use when preparing a supplier quote.
Pending ApprovalThe status to use when you've sent the supplier quote to the suppliers and are awaiting their responses.

Use this status once the supplier quote has been finalised and you're ready to create purchase orders.

ProcessedOnce purchase orders are raised, the quote will become processed.

Create Supplier Quote

You would normally create a Supplier Quote via an existing quote (ServiceTrack > Quotes > [select required quote] > Supplier Quotes tab), but you can also create them via:

  • the Create > Supplier Quote function
  • ServiceTrack > Supplier Quotes > Create Supplier Quote.

This process is very similar to creating Purchase Orders but instead of selecting a single Supplier, multiple are selected. For greater detail, refer to Create a Supplier Quote.

You can quickly find Supplier Quotes by searching on either the Supplier Quote No. or Notes fields. As with all searches in AroFlo, enter your search term, select the field you want to search in and click Search.

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