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AroFlo's Supplier Connect feature allows you to place orders directly with suppliers via the Purchase Order screen. Purchasing materials from within the one system will save time wasted on duplication of processes and manual handling of paperwork.

  • Send purchase orders directly to the supplier's order system.
  • Eliminate purchase order emails and PDF attachments.
  • Eliminate potential errors from supplier manual data entry.
  • Use Supplier Connect with Supplier Catalogues to order items from branch quotes or part lists saved in your supplier website account.

Actrol requires a mobile number for the user

If you are wanting to use Supplier Connect with Actrol, the logged-in user must have a mobile number listed on their AroFlo user account page, or they may receive an error.

Suppliers available with Supplier Connect 

AroFlo's Supplier Connect feature can be used with the following suppliers.

Reece Group

Rexel Holdings


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