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The term 'layout' is used to describe a document produced within AroFlo. Layouts include standard layouts, custom layouts and document templates for:

  • Quotes
  • Supplier Quotes
  • Job Sheets
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Compliance Forms

Setting default layouts can also be managed in Client Settings and Defaults

Preview a layout

The image below shows the location of the print options. In this case, within the invoice worksheet.

Worksheet or Preview

Preview, Email and Print PDF functions can be performed from the Worksheet Print Options or the Print Preview page.

To generate a preview of the selected Layout, click Preview.

A default layout can be set for a client within Client Settings and Defaults. A default can also be set for the Business Unit. This will be pre-selected above.

The preview will then open (or refresh) showing the selected layout:

Choose a different layout

Alternative layouts can can be selected based on either an 'Aroflo Standard' or a 'Custom' layout.

From the Print Options area or the Print Preview page, select a different Layout and click Preview.

AroFlo standard layouts are pre-set options. Custom layouts are typically developed when Aroflo Standard layouts aren't suitable.
Custom layout instructions can be followed within TM 1.7 Invoice Layout and Design

Print a standard or custom layout

Once the chosen layout has been selected, click Print PDF from the Print Preview Page...

... or the Print Options area.

A pop-up will appear when the PDF is being generated.

Click on the button to download and view the PDF.

You can now use the print function within your PDF viewer to send the document to your printer.

Print a document template layout

To print a document template layout that has been uploaded to a custom layout, you first need to preview the custom layout to generate the required information. This information will be exported to the document template layout when you print to PDF, Word or RTF.

  1. Select the custom layout.
  2. Click Preview to generate the information required for the document template layout.

    The preview on your screen will show the custom layout, not the linked document template layout.

  3. Click Print and select one of the options ie: PDF, Word, RTF.
  4. Click the file name button to download and open the file.
If text was entered in HTML format within AroFlo, this formatting will be retained when exported to the document template layout and will override any formatting set within the document template.
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