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This page gives you some information as to what is displayed around the Map screen and what tools are available to you.

AroPoint GPS Settings and Tools

The main settings and tools can be found at the top right:


AroPoint Users

Opens up the administration menu. Use this for adding users.

Only Manager users will have access to the Admin menu.

ToolsLets you access the tools menu. Use this to set up alerts and geofences.

SetupLets you access the general setup options.

Language settingsAllows you to change the default language selection (Australian English is the default).


From the main Map screen, click Setup.

The following tabs will be used: 



  • Choose units of measurement
  • Calendar and timezone settings
Object groups
Organise your objects by creating groups specific to your company's workflow.


Add driver details and assign them to objects (Optional). This is helpful if using Driver IDs.


Add custom events.

Please contact AroFlo support if you wish to use custom events, e.g. device temperature, or battery life indicator for equipment tracking devices.  

Customises the widgets you want displayed on the sides of the screen, e.g. Sensors and Services.

Map Options and Settings

The following options display on the right hand side of the screen. Most of them are toggled on or off when you click them.

These options control how the map displays:


Full Screen ModeHides widgets from around the screen, giving you an expanded view of the map.

Change Map

Allows you to use a different map source, e.g. Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing maps.

Zoom inClick to zoom in.

Zoom outClick to zoom out.

These options control what displays on the map:


Group objects

Groups objects  on the map. 

Fit objects

Returns your objects to the middle of the screen.

Objects need to be shown for this to work


Shows objects  on the map.


Shows geofences  on the map


Shows routes  on the map


Shows points of interest  on the map.

Show names

Shows objects' name labels  on the map.

Objects need to be shown for this to work.

Show tails

Displays objects' tails  on the map.

Live traffic

Displays live traffic.

Only supported on Google Maps.

Objects Panel

The Objects Panel is found on the left hand side of the screen and allows you to manage your objects and object groups.

ObjectsAllows you to view and manage objects.
EventsThis shows a history of recorded events and alerts, e.g. enter or leave a geofence, speeding. 
HistoryAllows you to select a date range to view device history and data for each object.

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