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The ServiceTrack menu provides access to all of your service based activities:

Menu OptionDescription
CurrentDisplays the Current Task List - all tasks that are currently open.
CompletedDisplays the Completed Task List - all completed tasks that are ready for invoicing.
PeriodicDisplays the Periodic Template List - all upcoming scheduled services.
QuotesDisplays the Quotes List - all quotes currently in progress.
Supplier QuotesDisplays the Supplier Quote Menu - provides access to all of your supplier quotes.
ProjectsDisplays the Project List - all of the active project works underway.
Purchase OrdersDisplays the Purchase Order Menu - provides access to all of your purchase orders.
InvoicingDisplays the Invoice Menu - provides access to all of your invoices.
Credit NotesDisplays the Credit Notes List - all client and supplier credit notes in progress.
CalendarDisplays the Calendar.
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