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Your AroFlo Home page lets you search for the things you use most often.

Search (Clients, Suppliers, Locations, Contacts)

Enter a keyword (minimum of 3 characters) to search for Clients, Suppliers, Locations, Contacts, and Users.

Each result will have a different icon denoting its type:



The example below shows the results from a search for 'burwood'. Locations or contacts belonging to a Client/Supplier will show indented under the Client/Supplier.

Search Tasks

To search for tasks, enter a keyword (minimum of 3 characters) and then select which area you would like to search in:

  • Task
  • Ref No
  • Job No
  • Cust On
  • Description
  • Client
  • Location
  • Cust Field

AroFlo will return all of the tasks (regardless of status) that match the search criteria in the field selected. In the search below, we entered the client name 'AVCEE' and selected 'Client' from the the dropdown menu.

Search all Business Units

If you have multiple Business Units and would like to find all tasks across all Business Units for a specific customer, search tasks for the client and tick 'Full Company Search'.

Search Accounts

To search for either an invoice, purchase order, credit note or bill, enter the appropriate number (e.g. invoice number), select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu and click Search.

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