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Schedule label settings allow you to customise the information displayed on task schedules within your calendar.

External calendar labels

The Header Labels and Schedule Labels you choose in your AroFlo calendar settings will be sent to any external calendars you have subscribed to.

To access the schedule label settings for your calendar:

  1. Click Settings  (three dots icon).
  2. Click the Fields tab.

Header label

The Header Label is the heading of the schedule label, and therefore usually contains key information. Depending on your view type, the header will display the task start and end times by default, and you can select additional fields to display in the header label of task schedules.

To add fields to the header label:

  1. Click and drag your selected field(s) from the Fields list to the Header Label list.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click x to close.

Schedule label

The Schedule Label is where additional information is displayed for quick reference. Generally, more fields are added to the schedule label than the header label. You have the option to select the fields you would like displayed within the schedule label of task schedules.

To add fields to the schedule label:

  1. Click and drag your selected field(s) from the Fields list to the Schedule Label list.
  2. Click Save to save your changes and update the calendar.
  3. Click x to close.

Remove fields

  1. Click x next to the field you want to remove from either the header label or schedule label.
  2. Click Save.

Reorder fields

You can change the order in which the fields are displayed in both the header and schedule labels.

  1. Click and drag the field to a new spot on the list. Repeat for each field as required.
  2. Click Save.

Field separators

You can separate the various fields within the header label and/or schedule label by using any keyboard character. This makes your labels easier to read.

  1. Click the box next to Header Label or Schedule Label, depending on the one you want to add separators to.
  2. Type in the keyboard character you would like to use as a separator for the fields (e.g. -, /, space bar, or a combination of symbols, letters and spaces).

    • In the example to the right, we've used a dash and the letters 'JN' prior to the job number field, indicating that the job number is being displayed.
    • Leaving the separator fields blank puts the content on separate lines within the header label.
  3. Click Save.

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