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The Safety Plan feature can be used to keep track of and assign to users regularly re-occurring compliance or health and safety forms such as equipment checks or daily Take 5 checklists. Users don't interact with safety plans directly, instead the forms themselves.

The Safety Plan option in the Compliance menu of AroFlo Office is primarily used for tracking and administering your current safety plan items.

If you need a more robust periodic form feature, why not try Periodic Task Templates with linked forms? These generate Tasks which can also have labour attached to keep track of how much time is being spent on admin Tasks each day, can have multiple users assigned or scheduled and more.

You cannot directly create a Safety Plan. You create forms that show up in the Safety Plan screen. The focus of this article is the generation and assignment of a daily form as these are the only ones that affect AroFlo Field. The other frequencies are managed by an Office user who has been assigned to that form. Generally, if a user has not been assigned to a form that is intended to be used with the Safety Plan feature, they will not see it.

Building a Safety Plan Item

Like a Periodic Task, this does not create a form straight away. This creates a template that allows a Field user to quickly create and fill out their required forms every day.

  1. Click Workflow > Safety Plan (in Compliance section).
  2. Click on the name of one of your forms and then Create.
  3. Enter a name for your template such as "Daily Take 5" or "Daily Vehicle Assessment"
  4. If a specific user needs to regularly fill out a specific form Assign them to it.
  5. Select an Asset if the form relates to an asset such as a vehicle.
  6. Set a Periodic form generation frequency.
  7. Click Create Form.

Delete a Safety Plan item

To delete a safety plan item:

  1. Click Workflow > Safety Plan (in Compliance section).
  2. Click the safety plan item name.
  3. Click the Delete button in the bottom right of the item settings and then OK.

Managing Safety Plan Items in Office

Safety plan items have the option to set a frequency other than daily. This requires a user in the Office to generate them.

  1. Click Workflow > Safety Plan (in Compliance section).
  2. Click on the name of one of your forms and then View in the Current column.

Once the due date set on the safety plan item is reached, it will appear in this menu, flagged as Sched in the Ref column.

This allows you to keep on top of required compliance items that need to be filled out on a semi-regular basis by adjusting dates automatically as they are generated and allowing you to create them from one menu.

Accessing Daily Compliance Templates

After creation and assignment to a user, they can access their forms every day through a few quick steps in Field. See Task List for more information.

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