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Resource settings allow you to add or remove resources (users, assets or crews) from your calendar, select colours for each resource, and set the order in which resources are displayed in your calendar.

Resources are visible within the following calendar views:

  • Time > Week by Resource
  • Time > Day by Resource
  • List > Week by Resource
  • List > Day by Resource
  • Resource > Month, Week or Day.

See Calendar Views for images of these views.


Add or remove resources

The AroFlo calendar lets you add resources, that is,  users,   assets,   or crews,  to your calendar view.

To do this:

  1. Click the  (two people) icon.
  2. Click Users, Assets or Crews, as required.
  3. Click the names of the resources you want to add.

    To easily identify archived users, click Columns (bottom) and select 'Archived'.

    If you archive an active user who is showing on the calendar, they appear greyed out. You can remove them entirely from the calendar by following the instructions in this section.

  4. Click x to close the Search window.
  5. To remove a resource, click the  red X  to the right of its name.

  6. Click Save.

Change resource colour

You can change the background, border or text colour of  schedules  for each resource in your calendar. 

  1. Click the (three dots) icon to access the calendar settings.
  2. Click the Colours sub-section.
  3. In the Colour Schedule By dropdown, select Resources.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the  (two people) icon. You'll notice that each resource now has three boxes to the right:
    1. To change the background colour, click the Background box.
    2. To change the border colour, click the Border box.
    3. To change the text colour, click the Text box.

       See an example

      In this image, the dark purple that forms the top and edges of the tile is the Border, the palest mauve is the Background, and the Text colour has been left as white. The yellow background to the 'Meeting: Timesheet' entry is AroFlo's default colour for timesheet entries. To change this default colour, see Colour Settings.

  6. Using the colour picker, select a colour by:
    1. Clicking and dragging the arrow up or down the vertical colour bar to your preferred colour (see below)
    2. Clicking and dragging the small circle in the colour square to your preferred shade (see below).

  7. Click to the next square on the resource's row and repeat the steps above.
  8. Click off the colour picker to close it.
  9. Click Save.

For more information, see Colour Settings.

Change resource order

You can change the order in which the resources appear in your calendar:

  1. Click the (two people) icon
  2. Click and drag the (two bars) icon to move a resource up or down the list
  3. Click Save.
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