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Quote option groups allow you to group various pricing options under their own header on a quote. The item selections can be set to allow single or multiple selection.

This is useful when you want to offer your customers options that are separate to the standard items. The value of the optional items is excluded from the total summary, until the items are marked as 'Selected'.

This feature is available on simple and detailed quotes in both AroFlo Office and Field.

Using quote option groups in the Office interface

Create a quote as you normally would and add the standard items. The example below shows a quote for a kitchen installation and we are now going to add two option groups:

  1. Dishwasher Options with a single item selection.
  2. Kitchen Extras with a multiple item selection.

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Click Add Option Group and enter a description into the item header field.

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Click the Add Line Item button located underneath the item header field and enter the optional items that you want to include on the quote.

By default, the items are added as "multiple item selection", as indicated by the checkboxes on the left. This is useful if you're offering your customer a range of items that they can select many from.

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Change to single item selection

For this example, we are offering our customer an either/or selection of items, i.e. Dishlex dishwasher or Bosch dishwasher.

To change to a single item selection, click  on the option group header and select Only one item can be selected from the drop down options. You will notice that the single selection buttons appear as round radio buttons on the left.

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Add another option group

To add a second option group, e.g: Kitchen Extras, click Add Option Group, then Add Line items for the required number of items. 

By default, the items are added as "multiple item selection" as indicated by the checkboxes on the left, but you can change this to single-item selection by clicking the  and selecting Only one item can be selected.

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Move items and groups

You can easily change the order of the option groups by clicking the  icon on the line item or group and dragging it up or down.

Displaying option groups on a quote layout

Option groups and their associated item details are automatically included under the standard items on a quote layout.  The value of the optional items will not be included in the quote sub-totals until the optional items are selected by checking the radio buttons (for single selections) or checkboxes (for multiple selections).

When customising your quote layout, you will find a number of Tables that give you the flexibility to include or exclude optional items in various formats.

Table NameDescription
Quote Line Incl. All Options (child indent / no indent)Displays all line items including the optional items (with or without an indent)
Quote Line Incl. Options Only (child indent / no indent)Displays the optional line items only (with or without an indent)
Quote Lines Excl. Options (child indent / no indent)Displays the standard line items only (with or without an indent)
Quote Screen Layout (child indent)Displays the standard line items as they appear on the quote screen (with an indent)
Quote Screen Layout Options Only (child indent)Displays the optional line items as they appear on the quote screen (with an indent)

Adding option groups to quote reports

Option groups and items can be included in Quote standard reports by adding the appropriate fields, i.e. Item Option Group Name, Item Name, Item is Optional, Item is Approved.

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Using quote option groups in AroFlo Field

From the main menu, tap Quotes and tap to select the quote you want to work with.

Click View / Edit Quote Items.

You can add standard items to a quote and then tap the item that you want to set as optional. The item details display.

Check the Optional box to flag the item as optional and select Create Option Group from the drop down list to create a new option group.

Enter the Option Group Name, i.e. Dishwasher Options, and tap Save

Repeat the above steps for each optional item and link to the existing option group or create a new Option group if needed.

Single / Multiple Item Selections

Click the option group header located above the items (i.e. Dishwasher options) to display the Group Name and Group Type.

Select the appropriate Group Type from the drop down list, i.e. "Multiple items can be selected" (check boxes allow more than one selection) or "Only one item can be selected" (radio buttons allow only one selection).

Delete option groups or items

You can delete an option group (including its line items) or an individual line item by clicking the to the right of the group or item you want to remove.

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