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Purchase order templates are a great time saver for creating regular orders for a job, or for replenishing stock. You can save any purchase order as a template and use it to generate new purchase orders whenever you need them. You can even create multiple orders for different suppliers from the one template.

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Create a template

To create a template from an existing purchase order:

  1. Go to ServiceTrack > Purchase Orders.
  2. Locate and open the purchase order.
  3. Hover over the Save button and click Save as Template.
  4. Edit the line item details if required.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

To create a template for multiple orders/suppliers:

  1. Create a purchase order. This can be for a particular task, or for stock.
  2. Leave the Supplier field as 'None'.

    If you leave the Supplier field blank, it will allow you to create orders for multiple suppliers from the one purchase order template. Alternatively, you can enter the Supplier's name to create an order template for a specific supplier.

  3. Select a delivery address from the Deliver To drop-down list.

  4. Click the Multi-Search button and select Inventory.
  5. Enter the part no or item name into the search boxes at the top.

    You can also search or filter the inventory list by suppliers. If a Supplier has been set for the order, the Supplier Filter and Preferred Supplier search will only show items that have this supplier listed on the inventory card. For more information, see Preferred Suppliers.

  6. Select the required items from the inventory list.

    Items that display a + (plus symbol) indicate there are listed suppliers available. You can choose to select the item displaying an internal part number, description and cost (top row), or click the + to expand the list and double-click to select a supplier from the list below.

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  7. Click X to close the Search Inventory window.

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    If no supplier has been selected for the line item, click the  (magnifying glass icon) and select a supplier for the item. This list that appears will either show a complete list of suppliers (for items that don't have suppliers listed), or just the suppliers that are listed on the inventory card. For more information, see Preferred Suppliers.

  8. Enter the Qty Ordered.

  9. Once all line items have been entered, hover over the Save button and click Save as Template.

Generate purchase orders

To generate a purchase order from a template:

  1. Go to ServiceTrack > Purchase Orders.
  2. Click Purchase Order Templates.
  3. Select the Template Number that you require.
  4. Hover over the Save button and select Generate Purchase Orders.
  5. Click OK to continue.
  6. You will find the generated orders in the Current Purchase Orders list.

Supplier price updates

Price changes to items on an order will automatically update the listed supplier's price on the inventory card using the most recently verified order price. For more information, see Update Inventory Pricing From Order.

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