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The following instructions show you how to manually process an invoice in AroFlo. If you have a integration link to an accounting package, please refer to the following help pages for information on posting data to a supported accounting package.

If you do not have an integration link between AroFlo and an accounting package, you will need to manually enter the invoices into your accounting package and then return to AroFlo to manually flag these invoices as processed.

  1. Go to ServiceTrack > Invoicing > Approved Invoices.
  2. Find the invoice in the list.
  3. Enter the invoice number into the Verify Invoice No field (this number should match the invoice you've entered into your accounting package).

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  4. Select the Process checkbox.
  5. The invoice will automatically move to the 'Processed' invoices list. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each approved invoice.

To re-open a processed invoice (move it back to Approved):

  1. Go to the Processed invoice list.
  2. Select the Re-Open checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

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