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AroFlo's Supplier Connect feature allows you to place orders with supported suppliers directly from the purchase order screen via the Send to Supplier button.

When an order is placed using Supplier Connect, it is immediately dispatched to the supplier's system for processing.

Place an Order Using Supplier Connect

1. Create a purchase order against a supplier. If Supplier Connect has been set up correctly, the supplier will display in a green field withConnected: 'Supplier Name' .

In most cases the Location field is not required, as the supplier will send goods from the branch or distribution warehouse linked to your account.

Pick up orders

If you're going to collect your order from a branch, select it in the Location field. If you've entered notification settings, you'll receive an email or SMS message when your order is ready to collect. Reece branch locations also require location codes. Include a delivery time at least 2 hours from the current time, so they have time to pick your order.

2. Add line items using your preferred method.

Use Supplier Catalogue

Use the Supplier Catalogue feature to guarantee that your part numbers and pricing are correct, as they are selected and imported to AroFlo directly from the supplier's own website.

Supplier Catalogue also gives you the ability to add items from Branch Quotes or Product Lists in your supplier website account. Purchase Orders using Supplier Connect will include a Supplier Quote No.  on each line item.  This field only updates if items added were from a quote in the supplier catalogue.

3. When you're ready to place the order, click Send to Supplier.

4. Check that the details are correct, then click Place Order. If changes are required, click Cancel to return to the purchase order screen.

A banner appears, confirming that the purchase order has been sent successfully. You can click Purchase order sent on (date/time) for a summary of the order.

Once the order has been sent, the Send to Supplier button disappears; however, the purchase order remains editable. This is handy if you need to add costs later, such as freight.

A red banner will appear if the required Supplier Connect settings are missing or invalid.


AroFlo can facilitate the placement of orders with suppliers; however, processing and shipment of orders are the supplier's responsibility. You will need to contact the supplier directly for order status, delivery information and order cancellations.

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