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We're constantly working on AroFlo to make sure it supports your business the way you need it to. When we improve something in AroFlo, or when there's an unexpected problem, we use a mix of the following to let you know as soon as we can.

AroFlo Notifications

When you see a circular icon with a number in it in the top-right corner of your AroFlo site, it means there are notifications waiting for you. Click the (Help) icon then click AroFlo Notifications.

AroFlo Field

This is also available in AroFlo Field.

Click on the name of the notification to open it. When you've read it, click the envelope icon to mark the message as read.

In AroFlo Field, opening the notification will automatically mark the item as read.

Field view

  • AroFlo Notifications normally remain available for a week.
  • A copy of each notification is also added to our blog, which you can subscribe to.


For some announcements, we place a coloured banner across the top of your AroFlo screen, just under the main menu. There is usually an AroFlo notification published as well (see above). Once you've read the banner, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right, so it's not taking up space on your window.

AroFlo System Status Page

If there is an unexpected problem, such as a third-party outage, we update the AroFlo System Status Page so you can see what's going on. You can sign up for email alerts from our status page.

AroFlo emails and newsletters

When a planned change requires a bit more explanation than we can give in a notification or a banner, we send an email. At the end of each month, we send out a newsletter to summarise the main updates we've made during the month. Remember that you can also subscribe to our mailing list, to receive alerts about updates as they occur.

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