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The new AroFlo calendar, which we introduced in March 2020, is available to all users.

Just click New Calendar to put the new features through their paces. We'll keep the old calendar available for a time; just click Old Calendar to go back to it.

The new calendar will display by default when viewing the calendar. You can still switch to the old calendar at any time while logged in.
If you're still using the old calendar, it will be displayed by default until you're ready to try the new calendar.

New Calendar Features

Save calendar views

Save multiple calendar views and switch between them with a single click.

Learn more about this feature

Additional filters

Filter by client, location, task type, assets, and more.

Learn more about this feature

All-day events

Show all-day events from external calendars, e.g. industry RDOs, your local public holidays, even your team's game dates.

Learn more about this feature

Shaded out of work hours

See your work day at a glance, as hours outside your set working hours are shaded.

Learn more about this feature

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