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Navigating the supplier list

To access your supplier list, go to Manage > Suppliers. From here, you can access contact details or use the View and Create menus to:

  • View purchase orders, credit notes, tasks, contacts, locations, reports and certifications for each supplier.
  • Create a purchase order, credit note, task, contact or location against a supplier.

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Reorder list columns

Each of the columns within the supplier list can be reordered to suit your preference by clicking and dragging a column heading and moving it across the page. AroFlo will save this order.

To reset the column order, click the  (Default Ordering) icon, on the top right of the list.

Bulk import suppliers

Use the (Bulk Import) icon to upload suppliers from a .CSV or .XLS file. You can also just drag your file onto Suppliers list and the Bulk Import window will open automatically. For more information, see Bulk Import Data.

Searching for suppliers, locations and contacts

If you have a large supplier list, you can search for suppliers, locations and contacts using keywords. The filter settings allow you to extend the areas for an even deeper search.

To optimise global search:

  1. Click the (filters) icon.
  2. Enable additional search areas as required.

    If your site has multiple business units, you can enable Full Company Search to search for suppliers across your entire company.

  3. Click Save Filters.

Your global search filter settings are stored within your browser. These same settings will be applied whenever you use the global search fields throughout AroFlo Office.

Set a supplier to 'Do Not Trade'

You can flag suppliers that you no longer want to use or work with by setting their trading terms to 'Do Not Trade'.

When a 'Do Not Trade' supplier is selected on a purchase order, supplier quote, credit note or inventory item, a warning message (Office) or a red 'Do Not Trade' banner (Field) will appear:

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See Transaction Terms for more information about transaction terms and coloured banners.

Record certifications

Certifications are qualifications and/or training employees may have. These might be qualifications/training that is required by law for that job or as a record of professional development for staff members. Whilst Certifications can be viewed via the Supplier list View button, they must be added and deleted via Compliance > Certifications.

Details of relevant qualifications/training, identification, details and valid from and to dates can be included. An item can also be removed from the list. When a certification has been removed, it is archived for future reference if required.

For more information, see Certifications.

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