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You can manage all Quotes from a single table within ServiceTrack > Quotes.

This screen defaults to Quotes that are marked as 'In Progress', so you can see quotes which are currently being worked on.

Business Units filter

If you have access to multiple Business Units, you will have an additional filter at the top of the screen to display further options.

Filter optionDescription
This Business Unit OnlyOnly displays quotes that are part of the selected business unit.
Include Child Business Units

Displays quotes that are part of the selected business unit, as well as child business units. An additional Owner  heading field will display.

Include All Business Units

Displays quotes for all business units. An additional Owner  heading field will display.

Search for a quote

Similar to searching in the Task list, enter in at least 3 characters for your search term, and select one of the following fields:

  • Quote
  • Ref No
  • Job No
  • Client

Click the Search button to view results.

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Filter quotes by status

Quotes have their own set of statuses to filter your search results:

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In ProgressQuotes currently being worked on and not yet emailed to the client.
Pending Approval

Quotes finished and sent to the client; awaiting their approval.

Use this list to follow up on clients who have not responded.

Approved & OpenQuotes that are approved by the client and the linked task is currently Open (Not Started, In Progress or Pending).
Approved & CompletedQuotes that were approved by the client and the linked task has been completed.

Quotes which were not approved by the client.

For rejected Quotes, the associated Task (based on a Job Number search) will be marked as archived.

AllShow all quotes regardless of status.


Quotes substatuses can be set up for each main status and will be displayed on the search screen. Click Task Substatus Settings and learn how to include it.

Filter quotes by Acceptance Status

The quote statuses Approved & Open, and Approved & Completed have an additional Acceptance Status option for filtering quotes in the list.

Acceptance Status

Click here for information on how to utilise acceptance statuses.

Filter quotes by date range

The quote statuses Approved & Completed, and Rejected have an extra option for filtering quotes in the list. The date range will automatically perform a search within the last month unless it is amended.

To change the date range, click on one of the dates. In the Select Date Range dialog box, enter a From Date and a To Date.

Click Set Date and the list of quotes will be filtered by the requested date range.

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Bulk reject unsuccessful quotes

There is an option to reject multiple In Progress and Pending Approval quotes. This allows you to quickly update a large volume of quotes to be rejected. 

Click on Bulk Reject

Tick the checkbox on the right to reject each quote, or click on the checkbox in the top header to select all quotes.

Click Reject Selected, at the bottom of the list.

Reset column order

Columns can be dragged and sorted in the order of your choice by clicking and dragging the column across the screen.

To go back to the default column layout, click the (default ordering) icon.

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Email quotes

This allows you to attach multiple quotes and send an email to the intended recipient. Learn how to Send an Email.

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Delete a quote

Just like tasks, quotes can be deleted if there are no existing:

  • quote line items
  • labour or expense items
  • task notes
  • checklist items
  • invoices on the linked task.

Once all of these items have been removed, select the Status drop-down and click Delete.

If the quote has a linked task, the task will be archived when the quote is deleted.

Click Save.

You can view a list of deleted quotes by running the 'Deleted Quotes' report.

See also: Delete a Task.

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