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Project Menu

The Project menu provides a range of options for viewing, searching and creating Projects.
To view the menu, go to  ServiceTrack > Projects.

Project Templates

Displays a list of Project Templates.

Open ProjectsDisplays a list of projects with the 'open' status.
Closed ProjectsDisplays a list of projects with the 'closed' status.
Create Project The fastest way to create a project manually.
Create Project Template Create a Project Template. Suitable for recurring projects.
Search ProjectsSearch for projects by name, project number, reference number, client name or stage name.
Search Project TemplatesSearch for templates by name, number, reference number, client name or stage name.

Project List

To access your list of projects, go to ServiceTrack > Projects > Open Projects.

To view a Project, click on the Project name.

Column LabelDescription

The Project Number (generated on project creation).

ProjectThe Project name. Click to view a Project.
Ref No.The Project Reference Number (generated on project creation).
Cust. ONThe customer order number entered against the entire project.
ClientThe company (or individual) for the project.
Start DateAn informational field for the start date of this project.
TypeThe Project Type entered against the project.
ManagerThe user within your organisation managing this project.
StatusOpen or closed.
Substatus Set up project substatuses in Site Admin to provide more detail about the status of a Project.


Search for projects

Simply enter a keyword (min. 3 characters) into the search field and click Search.

Create Project

The Create Project button will take you to the Create Project screen in the same way as if you use the Create > Project main menu option.

Open/Closed filter

You can toggle between open and closed projects by clicking the down arrow on this filter.

Reorder Columns

You can reorder each of the columns to suit your preference by clicking and dragging a column heading and moving it across the page. AroFlo will save this order.

To return to the AroFlo default column order, click the (Default Ordering) icon.

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