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The main menu contains the features you can see in the table below.

Business Unit

Business units allow for larger companies to separate business activities. This button allows you to switch between the existing business units that have been set up by your Site Administrator.

Depending on your level of access, you may have the ability to view information associated with other business units within the organisation.


Use the main menu to navigate your way around AroFlo.

Global Search

Global search provides a faster way to search in AroFlo. As you enter a keyword into the Global Search box on the main menu, AroFlo checks almost every field within the selected search area and returns matching results instantly.

Search areas and fields

Click the icon to enable or disable search areas (Clients, Suppliers, Locations) including fields associated with each search area.

Help menu

Provides access to:

        • Remote Support to start a remote session for training or phone support
        • Support Request to log a system issue or account query
        • External Access to allow AroFlo into your organisation as an impersonating user. Used when you require support and AroFlo needs access to your site.
        • Live Chat to start a conversation using instant messages.
        • Help Centre to access the AroFlo knowledge base
        • Training Centre to access our interactive online tutorials
        • Webinars to access our schedule of live video events
        • Terms of Service to read the legal agreement between AroFlo and clients
        • Updates for information about our latest product updates.

The number '3' in the image above indicates there are three update messages available. To read the messages, click Updates at the bottom of the Help menu.


Provides access to:

Training video

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