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The main menu contains the features you can see in the table below.

Business Unit

Business units allow for larger companies to separate business activities. This button allows you to switch between the existing business units that have been set up by your Site Administrator.

Depending on your level of access, you may have the ability to view information associated with other business units within the organisation.

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Home ButtonClick this button from anywhere in AroFlo to be returned to the home screen.
Create Menu

Allows you to create a new record, e.g. task, quote, invoice, purchase order. Your permission group determines which options appear for you. The full list of options is shown below:

ServiceTrack Menu

Allows you to access lists of current and completed tasks, quotes, invoices and more. Your permission group determines which options appear for you. The full list of options is shown below:

Compliance Menu

This menu shows lists of compliance items (e.g. forms, risk assessments, OHS checklists), and allows users  to create compliance items, record certifications, set up alerts, and run compliance reports. The Compliance menu only appears for staff with the right permissions. The full list of options is shown below:

Manage Menu

Use this menu to access and edit client, supplier, location, asset, timesheet, inventory and user data, as well as to manage documents and photos (if you have the Document Storage add-on) and manage your integrations. Your permission group determines which options appear for you. The full list of options is shown below:

CalendarThis is a quick link to the AroFlo Calendar.
MapThis is a quick link to the AroFlo GPS Map.
ReportsThis is a quick link to the Reports area.
Global Search

Global Search provides a faster way to search in AroFlo. As you enter a keyword into the Global Search box on the main menu, AroFlo checks almost every field within the selected search area and returns matching results instantly.

Search areas and fields

Once you've clicked into the Search field, click the  (search filter icon) to enable or disable search areas (Clients, Suppliers, Locations), including fields associated with each search area.

Click the (question mark icon) to access:

        • Remote Support to start a remote session for training or phone support
        • Support Request to log a system issue or account query
        • External Access to allow AroFlo into your organisation as an impersonating user. Used when you require support and AroFlo needs access to your site.
        • Live Chat to start a conversation using instant messages
        • Help Centre to access the AroFlo knowledge base
        • Training Centre to access our interactive tutorials
        • Webinars to access our schedule of live video events
        • Terms of Service to read the legal agreement between AroFlo and clients
        • The AroFlo Forum: A community space for customers to share experiences and knowledge, as well as a hub to host our latest announcements, new feature updates, and our blog articles.
        • AroFlo Notifications for information about our latest product updates.

The number '1' in both places in the image above indicates there is one AroFlo Notification available. To read the message, click AroFlo Notifications at the bottom of the Help menu.


Provides access to:

The Profile button displays the initials of the user who is currently logged in, unless the user has uploaded an image to their user card.

AroFlo 'A'

The 'A' at the far right of the main menu indicates which AroFlo product you are using:

  • a yellow 'A' is for the full AroFlo product

  • a green 'A' is for AroFlo Go.

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