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AroFlo Office provides a range of ready-to-use standard layouts for invoicing, quoting, task sheets, purchase orders and compliance forms. Our layout editor lets you customise these standard layouts:

  • Create branded layouts to your exact requirements
  • Tailor layouts for specific clients or projects
  • Configure default settings so you always use the right layout.
  • Standard layouts are perfect for displaying information in a simple format using standard font types such as Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman.
  • If your invoices or quotes require more-advanced features, such as a coloured background, a watermark, detailed tables, or non-standard fonts, we suggest that you use an RTF document template layout. An RTF layout also allows for independent pages, which can be handy if you want to include things like detailed terms and conditions on your layouts.
  • If you've used character-based languages or special characters in text fields, these will display on your layouts.

Use the links below to read about layouts, or select one of the links on the right to learn in your own way.

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