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The Inventory tab allows you to:

  • Search for inventory items.
  • Update item pricing and stock levels.
  • Monitor stock activity and holders.
  • Move stock between users/holders.

Inventory list

The Inventory List view displays item details including current stock levels and pricing information. Pricing and stock levels for users/custom holders can easily be updated from this view.

  1. Go to Manage > Inventory.
  2. In the Search Inventory box, enter a part number, item name, identifier or manufacturer, or leave the default All selected.

  3. Click Search.

    Filter categories or inventory items

    If you only want to see items for a particular category, click the category name on the left of the screen.

  4. Click Stock Assigned To... to choose a specific stock location/s. Click a name from the drop-down list to display the inventory list for that user/holder.

The table below explains the column headings that are displayed above the inventory items list.

PartNoThe part number of the item from the inventory card.
ItemThe item name or description from the inventory card.
Unit Type

Describes the format in which the product is sold, e.g. box, roll, metre.

This can be handy if you have suppliers that use a single part number or product code for different packaging formats. For example:

  • 24562: Hose Clip 10mm, each
  • 24562: Hose Clip 10mm, box of 20.

You would create an inventory card for each of these formats.

IdentifierA secondary identifier such as a storage location number from the inventory card.
AssignedShows the total items assigned to users/custom holders.
StockShows the total items in stock.
Bus. Unit Shows the total items in stock for the current BU, its children and associated stock locations.
Company Shows the total items in stock for all stock locations.
Cost (ex)Item unit cost value (excluding GST) from the inventory card.
Calculated Cost (ex)Calculated cost types control the cost basis used for calculating the item sell price. For more information, refer to Add an Inventory Item - Pricing.
Simple SellItem unit sell value (excluding GST) from the inventory card.
Stock TakeUsed to update the current stock level based on stock take count.
Last Stock UpdateShows the date of the last stock update.
P.O.Quick link to create a purchase order for replenishing stock.
MoveAllows you to move inventory between business units, user or custom holders. For more information, see Moving inventory between user/holders.


The total inventory cost at the bottom of the page is the total of all items on the page and not your entire inventory. You can get your full inventory total by running an inventory report.

Move stock between users/holders

To move stock between users or holders:

  1. Find the item in the Inventory List view and click the Allocate button on the far right of the line item.
  2. Complete the Allocate Stock fields as described in the table below.
  3. Once movements or stock quantities have been entered, click Save.

    ResourceDisplays the existing user / holder of stock.
    StockDisplays the quantity of stock held by this resource.
    Move QtyEnter the quantity of stock to be moved from this resource.
    ToSelect where the stock is moving to.
    Correction UpManually enter a value to correct the quantity of stock (increase in Qty) held by the resource.
    Correction DownManually enter a value to correct the quantity of stock (decrease in Qty) held by the resource.
    Adjustment NoteWhen moving or correcting stock quantities, you can enter adjustment notes for reference purposes. Adjustment notes can be included in the Search Stock Activity view and Inventory reports.

Move all stock in bulk

If a resource leaves your company, you can easily move all of their assigned stock to another resource, custom holder, or business unit.

  1. From the Inventory List view, click Stock Assigned To... and select the resource concerned.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of items allocated to that resource and click Allocate All.
  3. Select a user or holder from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Save.

Stock activity

The Stock Activity view displays item details and stock movement within a user defined date range.

  1. Go to Manage > Inventory.
  2. Click Stock Activity.
  3. Enter a From and To date range.
  4. In the Search Inventory field, enter a part number, item name, identifier or manufacturer.
  5. Click Search.

    Click to enlarge

  6. Click the item name to view complete stock activity for that item.

    Click to enlarge

Filter item stock activity

You can filter the Stock Activity list further by using the Search Inventory box and the Stock Assigned To... button.