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Take advantage of AroFlo's supplier invoice import feature and create an efficient purchasing workflow that not only saves you time but also reduces the risk of errors.

This feature allows a Field user to quickly raise a Purchase Order (PO) without any items, give the PO number to the supplier cashier and then have all items from their invoice imported via email into AroFlo. When the supplier invoice is received, AroFlo will populate the line items from the invoice directly into the PO and emails a copy for your records.

AroFlo can connect to an existing email account on your own domain, or you can create a direct email address within AroFlo (recommended).

Setting up supplier invoice imports is something we normally do for our clients, as it can be quite complex. You are entitled to four free supplier* invoice import setups. Please submit a support request if you want us to set up these imports for you.

The instructions below are for those who wish to set up their own supplier invoice imports.

* Supported suppliers only.

Supplier invoice import does not currently support Invoices with a back order.

Set up a supplier invoice import

You can set up a supplier invoice import for any supported supplier.

  1. Go to Office > Manage > Suppliers.
  2. Select your preferred supplier from the list.
  3. Scroll down to Settings and click Email Import to Purchase Order.

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  4. Go to Configure Email & Import Settings and follow the instructions there.
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