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The Home Dashboard features a range of search options, a job control panel and an internal message board.

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Home Dashboard

Search Options

Enables you to search for contacts or tasks. Users with access to accounts can search for particular invoices, purchase orders or credit notes.

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Job Control

Provides a snapshot of your business for the beginning of each day.

As a general rule, Job Control totals dynamically update during the day. They also fully recalculate overnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

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Quotes – Number of unapproved quotes.

Current Tasks – Number of open tasks.

Tasks Not Read – Number of open tasks that have not been viewed by anyone.

Scheduled Tasks – Number of open tasks that have a schedule for today or beyond.

Completed (Not Invoiced) – Tasks that have been marked as completed, but have not yet had a final invoice raised.

Approved Invoices – Number of finalised invoices that are approved and waiting to be pushed across to an accounting system.

Compliance – Number of open compliance forms. It is important that compliance forms be closed the moment they are completed.

Message Board

An internal notice board displaying messages posted to your business unit. Compliance information, certification expiry alerts and internal messages are shown here.

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Please note this message board is not available in AroFlo Field.

Training video

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  1. Updated notes for Job Control table after confirming with Don:

    Tasks Not Read – Number of open tasks that have not been viewed by the person assigned to the job. anyone.

  2. Updated description of Job Control to: Provides a snapshot of what is happening in the business at the beginning of the day